Sunday, February 3, 2013


NOTE:There's a message that he left us that you
might want to hear: Its important.

The Michael Jackson Tapes: A Tragic
Icon Reveals His Soul in Intimate Conversations.

Excerpts from the conversation:
Michael: If it weren't for children, I would choose death.
I mean it with all my heart.

Rabbi Shmuley: So what gave you the strength to persevere?

Michael Jackson: Believing in children. Believing in young people.
Believing that God gave me this for a reason, to help my babies.

Michael Jackson: The happiness and the joy that I see in the eyes
of the children. They give me-- they saved my life so I want to,
give it back [starts crying]. They saved me, Shmuley. I'm not joking.
Michael Jackson: I would like to- some kind of way disappear,
where people don't see me anymore.

RabbiShmuley: You could see that there was a woundedness to him,
he wasn't very trusting, he opened up very slowly.

Meredith Vieira, NBC News: But one of the first questions that people
might ask is "did you betray his confidence in any way by releasing
these tapes now, after his death?"

RabbiShmuley: Not only have I not betrayed any confidences,
Michael used to hold the tape recorders directly to his mouth.
He would constantly talk to me about the book. “Make sure this
is in the book." He desperately wanted this out.

He counted mega-celebrities like Diana Ross and Elizabeth Taylor
among his closest friends. But this is Michael Jackson bluntly dissing Hollywood.

RabbiShmuley: Why don't you hang out with those celebrities,
more Hollywood people?

Michael Jackson: They love the limelight and I don't have anything in
common with them. They want to go clubbing and afterwards they
want to sit around and drink hard liquor and do marijuana and all
kinds of crazy things that I wouldn't do.

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