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         Headlines today read, "Dr. Arnold Klein is dead!"
                      "IF" THIS IS TRUE, I AM VERY HORRIBLY

He knew they were going to kill him!
He even wrote about !!!
Originally published
 9/28/13, 10:22 AM
  REPOST    10/23/2013

                       “They want my catalogue Klein ---
                       they will kill me for it "


It was not Michael they wanted, it was
the Sony/ATV Beatles Catalogue!!!

Dr. Klein goes on to talk about AEG and Branca:

Philip Anschutz, the conservative billionaire owner of
Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) – a wholly owned
subsidiary of the Anschutz Company -- and/or his company,
an entertainment and sports empire, bear any responsibility
in the death of Michael Jackson?

Anschutz Entertainment Group’s AEG Live knew an
out-of-shape and exhausted Michael Jackson could not
do 50 shows. He could only sleep with Propofol and
It is now four-plus years since Jackson died and still
no one knows who really killed him. Over that period,
Philip Anschutz has made millions off the King of Pop.

John Branca is also very powerful man. With 2 seats on the
board of the Private Bank of California and the largest supporter
of District Attorney Cooley’s run for governor he is powerful. 

A California lighting rod. Michael Jackson hated Branca and
got rid of him in 2002-3 when he found out Branca and Sony
had a separate deal from his own.

He called Branca a Monster a month before he died.

Sony/ATV Music Publishing is the largest music
publishing company in the world and is co-owned by
Sony Corporation and the Estate of Michael Jackson.

The company was originally founded as Associated Television
(ATV) in 1955. In 1985, ATV Music Publishing was sold to
Michael Jackson for $47.5 million. In December 1995,
Michael Jackson agreed to merge ATV Music Publishing
with Sony Music Publishing, a division of Sony Corporation,
 to form Sony/ATV Music Publishing. In 2012 after Jackson’s
death an investor consortium led by Sony/ATV Music
Publishing acquired EMI Music Publishing for approximately
$2.2 billion. Sony/ATV Music Publishing and EMI Music
Publishing now operate as one company, with the former
entity administering the catalog of the latter under a
complex business structure.

Following the acquisition, Sony/ATV Music Publishing
is now the largest music publishing company in the world
with over 2 million songs under management.

The Holy Grail: Catalogue of Michael Jackson:

“They want my catalogue Klein — they will kill me for it.”

“I will never sell”  Following Jackson’s death,
the administrators of his estate signed a $250 million deal giving
Sony full access to the singer’s back catalog and previously
unreleased material.

“I believe the powers that be knew that Michael and
 The Michael Jackson name was worth billions Dead or

Peter Lopez
Frank Dileo Frank Dileo,

Jack Wishna

Phillip Anschuts was a very devious and evil man
who was deeply involved in the death of Michael jackson.

As Mr, .Jackson stated to me “Anschutz and Tom Barack
said I had to do 30 shows or lose Neverland, my music
catalogue and maybe even my children.
This was insane. Michael was in no shape to do this
many shows.

Jack Wishna was the man who first brought Michael to Las Vegas
from Ireland. He came to Vegas to prevent the foreclosure on
Neverland. He was fine when he landed but 7 months later after his
family arrived he became so physically and mentally disabled
that Jack Wishna said he could not even do 2 shows a month.

Wishna was found dead in his car of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
(November,2012. ) After Wishna Tohme Tohme,a Lebanese-American
notorious con man friend of Jermaine became Jackson’s business

1) Sony Controlled a large part of the Catalogue because
of the debts Michael incurred by unwillingness of Sony to
promote the album “Invincible.”

2) Branca could orchestrate the union of Epic and Sony and
was close to Sony.

3) Prince Abdullah Al-Khalifa of Bahrain was owed 8 million on
Catalogue by Jackson So con-man muscle man
(friend of Jermaine’s) contacts fellow Lebanese-American
Tom Barack.

Barack had a relationship with the Neverland's loan holder,
Fortress, and was able to get an extension to give his Colony
team time to crunch the numbers.

He bought the loan on Neverland and said to Michael
"Where you are is an insolvable puzzle unless you’re
willing to go back to work or. it’s just presiding over
a funeral.

”Colony agreed to bail out Michael and in return,the firm
would take ownership of Neverland and arrange for
AEG, the concert promoter owned by Barrack’s friend
Phil Anschutz, to stage a comeback.

The plan was never for the concerts it was the catalogue.

What the public is unaware of is that Barack and
William Bone also owned Sunrise Colony,which held the
mortgage on Conrad Murray’s Las Vegas soon-to-be-foreclosed
on home in the Red Rock Country Club.

That is how they got Murray to care for Michael.
Michael had first met him in 2006 and I threw him
out of Michael’s room at the Mirage.
A supposedly unforeseen complication arose when Barack
received a call from father of Prince Abdullah Al- Khalifa
of Bahrainwho was suing Mr Jackson in London’s High
Court for $7 million. 

But Barack knew this all along. Barack knew the King of
Bahrain from Sardinia ( Barack owns much of the Costa Smeralda)
and knew they had to pay PrinceAbdulla Al-Khalifa
7 million dollars.

Why? They want the Catalogue and person Michael
was not totally necessary.

The Catalogue was their main interest .
Jackson then moved into a gated $100,000-a-month
mansion in Bel-Air and began to prepare for a run of now
50 concerts(!) in London he could never and would never do!

He was struggling physically and heavily medicated by
Conrad Murray who could barely start an IV.
He died, from a sedative overdose, eighteen days before
the first concert.

But in the expected frenzy of posthumous adulation of Jackson,
it was hard to find an FM radiostation that wasn’t playing
Billie Jean or Beat It. Barrack watched and smiled as Jackson’s
value was spectacularly realized. "This Is It," a documentary
about Jackson’s preparation for the comeback concerts,
grossed $261 million worldwide during its theatrical
run, a record for a concert film, and the Jackson estate signed
a series of lucrative deals, including a video game and a
Cirque du Soleil show.

Barrack says, asexpected. Jackson attained in death what he
couldnever attain in life. Itwas a huge win for Branca ,
Levin, Weitzman , Anshutz and Barack with huge financial
implications for a long-term investor.

The death of Michael Jackson rests on whoever allowed
Murray to care for him.

He was not licensed in California.For this reason alone
Anshutz, Barack, Phillips and Tome Tome should be on trial for
Michael Jacksons death as accomplices because
commonly criminal offences involve individuals who act
at a distance,providing information, transportation, and
supplying the Propofol.

They all knew what Murray was doing up there for that
is the reason the long standing Nanny Grace quit. Propofol
and Demerol are totally different. Once addicted to Propofol
you cannot sleep without it. It is not a narcotic.
Demerol is a mild Narcotic use to ameliorate Page on Pain
become addicted doses need to be given every 6 hours
and increased. With Michael over time I decreased his

Furthermore what happens next is how I got dragged
into the entire situation as the smokescreen.

Now just remember I feel AEG had a plan to help the
Jackson family but to the family everything was not enough
and Michael lived with me on and off for the last 30 years.
His relationship with his mother fell apart when she did
not come to his aid when his father was beating him.
After Michael Jackson’s death Mrs. Jackson
 allows Steven Hoefflin to make statements such as

A)“I taught Murray to give Propofol.”

B) Kathryn Jackson fails to realize that Hoefflin had a cease
and desistorder directed against him by Michael Jackson
himself in 2003.

C) Hoefflin had done a a VH-1 special about Michael’s
Surgery and Hoefflin had gone mad and was institutionalized.

D) Simultaneously Jason,Muhammad, Brad Boyer and
Richard Charnley release my records in court supposedly
to key me paid.

E) This was a total lie for Charnley was already in contact
with Randy Phillips of AEG and Jason Pfeiffer already
released a set of Michael Jackson’s Medical Records to him.
TMZ’s Harvey Levin Starts an all out
media insanity with Murray and Hoefflin Blaming me for the
death of Jackson.

He claims I gave 51 injections of Demerol into Mr Jackson.
They had no idea what I did. “

”Michael had just returned from Vegas and arrived promptly
at 730. Dan went down to get Michael and he came up to my
office dressed like an Arab with his face covered.

He went into a room closed the door and as I listened
turned off the lights. He said I could come in but the room
was totally dark. He stood in corner looking down and had a
little flashlight.

He said I had first  close my eyes and then open them.
Well I closed my eyes,he turned on his flashlight and I saw his face
I wanted to hug him but I was stunned. He had lost a tremendous
amount of weight and the acne scars and lupus scars were visible.
He had totally lost the cleft in his chin and the surface of his
face was not smooth.There were visible lumps from an injectable
and the areas under his eyes pouched out making his eyes almost
invisible. Was it Sculptra,was it Radiesse I did not know but
suddenly he burst into tears .

“My face looks like the surface of the moon and I can’t perform
like this.” He did not ask me if I could fix it but told me I was the
only one who could. He had seen plastic surgeons who wanted
to cut the lumps out but was very leary of anyone with a scalpel.

Thus began my journey to repair the                                                                                                       most famous face in the world.                                                                

It took over a hundred hours and 3-5 hours working
Sessions with Ellen. I was working with Mark Honze
( an addiction sprcialist) and his interist Allen Metzger.
I used a total of 31 shots and was gone all of May.
The last treatment sessions I reduced the doses to 100mg/each.
What TMZ and AEG did was failed purposely to realize the
records were those of three Doctors to rob me blind. As I was
trying to defend myself Bob Lorsch an emissary from
Private Bank of California set up illegal accounts at John
Branca’s Private Bank to rob me blind.
Muhammad and Jason use the time to embezzle
more and more funds and I was becoming penniless.

Most people do not realize
Thet the Will they settled the Estate with
Is a Fraud.

How could Michael possibly sign a Will in LA
on a day he was in NYC?
HarveyLevin’s best friend is HowardWeitzmam.
Harvey tried it before with OJ but they figured his racket out.
KCBS Apologizes for Erroneous Story on Simpson

Prosecutor The station's investigative reporter, Harvey
Levin, appeared at the ... As I stated Mr Levin amplified
the doses of Demerol I used and people never realized
Mr Jackson was only given Demerol for the 3-5 hours
it took at each visit to rebuild his face and he was never
given pills except for a bottle of Zanaflex to relax his
strained muscles.

Additionaly I was always in contact with Mark Honzel
an addiction specialist and Allen Metzgerhis internist
whenever I used medication of any type on Michael.
I used 31 shots not 51.

Regarding the Murray trial there are two really
important factors.

Garo Gazarian the attorney who represented me in the
Murray trial was paid by Muhammad through the fraudulent
accounts at Excel .He never revealed I was gone a month before
Michael died (May 2009 I was in Paris) so the doses
given then were not by me.

Additionally Michael’s resigning with Branca makes no sense.
He hated Branca and Sony as I, Lisa Marie Presley and
everyone close to him knew.

However during the last week of his life Murray had
taken to skin popping him with Benzodiazpines which
explains the body marks .) This would make Michael
incompetent to make any rational decision.
l do not want to take on AEG but realize they
now own Michael through these illegal acts,
 Anschutz,Barack,Branca and Weitzman now own
Michael Jackson’s catalogue..

John Branca was very close to Sony .
Sony recently bought Epic so with the
amount held by the Prince of Bahrain
Michael’s Legacy is the property
of Anchutz.

One day maybe the world will realize what happened.

How a child star who grew up to become possibly the
world's most flamboyant and famous performer, but whose
life imploded amid accusations of child molestation,
tabloid embarrassments, and gross financial mismanagement
became owned by a dishonest conservative evangelical
Christian whose main goals in life include owning the
universe and limiting the rights of gays and lesbians and
promoting "traditional" family values in entertainment and
media world.

How strange the recent death of Whitney Houston
Compares to that of Michael’s. Both were owned
by Sony,both had movies released shortly after their
death and both had post mortem album prices increased.
Also Tohmw Tohme’s roommate was with Whitney when
she died.During the recent AEG- Jackson trial Randy
Phillips called me the Demerol Doc frequently, as with
Jennifer Jones ,I charged for long visits where I used
new procedures through MIA. For what Randy Phillips
has done to me they owe me far more than close to
$ 100,000 they owe for rebuilding Jackson’s face.

I am Dr. Arnold Klein of
9615 Brighton Way Ste M-110 Beverly Hills, CA 90210.
I am writing this in regard to payment for the facial
 restoration I performed on Mr. Jackson that was used
in the film "This is It" and was done to prepare him for
the AEG concert tour. Mr. Jackson told me AEG would
pay for my services in that AEG was responsible of all
of Michael Jackson's medical bills prior to the London

After Michael's death I spoke to my attorney
Mr. Richard Charnley and he was in contact with
Randy Phillips (I have the emails).
Unbeknownst to me and without my permission my
lawyers Richard Charnley and Brad Boyer of the law
firm of Ropers,Majeski, Kohn and Bentley of
515 FlowerStreet Street 1100 Los Angeles,CA 90011
in collusion with my former employee Jason Pfeiffer
and former accountant Muhammad Khilji
essentially released Michael Jackson’s medical records
supposedly to get me paid by the Jackson estate.

This unauthorized release of Michael Jackson’s
records has caused my practice untold
damage and has spurned a media circus.
It has given tabloids and trashy media free
access to Mr. Jackson’s private medical information.
Mr. Jason Pfeiffer has tried to capitalize on the hype
and has gone on television to publicly discuss the records
and my treatments on television. It should be noted that
Jason Pfeiffer, Muhammad Khilji with the assistance of
Richard Charnley have embezzled over 12 millon dollars
from me leaving me in bankruptcy court.

The have made illegal loans, stolen my
identity, written checks, taken out loans,opened and
closed bank accounts, and depleted my retirement fund.
These individuals did this totally without my
permission or the permission of the estate in that the
concert promoter AEG was to pay for Mr. Jackson's
services .

 Arnold Klein

September 25
How I miss Michael. A billion dollars can not bring him back.
How do you put a dollar value on Michael, Edith Piaf,
or Van Gogh?
He was the best performance artist of our time.
I so very sad and disgusted that greed of a few in
the music industry took him from us.



  1. Twiggy, your doing am excellent copy and paste job.
    For sure do they try to get ALL catalogues. And in fact they do have it already!! Dont you think its odd that Randy still mention this "last will" is a fake???

    The estates is the problem! the MAIN problem in that all.

    But you have to add too: why does this Arnold Klein now starts to speak up? WHY NOW?
    Isn't he grown up enough to that right from the beginning?
    Why is Doc Klein and Doc Murray not on any witness list?

    Please continue to pray that this works out for the Jacksons. And it is all about greed. But *NOT* Jacksons greed! Some people did make a very cruel job with Michaels name and legacy.
    God Bless

  2. and one ps to think more about it:
    Who claims to be to have been the last manager of Michael?

    Why is Branca not on any wittness list? We dont have to deal with monsters only. We have to deal with devils.They still vampire from Michaels legacy.

  3. Demerol a mild narcotic? This Klein's only been looking after himself, giving an incredibly warped view of reality. Michael has 85% ownership of Neverland, plus Michael's people are still running the place. Next, we only have Klein's view on Branca, who never stopped but a few months working for Michael, when you actually READ the documents! Next, Branca's the one who turned a sinking ship into a money maker for Michael. Klein needs to deal with his own issues, stop inserting EVERYONE & THEIR DAMN DOG INTO HIS PROBLEMS! All Klein's done, is written a story around his own issues, whilst injecting all the players & stories, rumors, into his, for attention! Go seek help for your pathological lying, since you obviously can't take responsibility for your own actions!

    1. What do you think now... LOL

  4. Is Branca the modern saviour of a sinking ship or is he the vampyrian pirate version?
    Every loyal person could have done that what the so called estates did!
    Branca was not needed at all.
    In fact he was FIRED and came back on highly doubted circumstances.
    So was and is Branca ever LOYAL ?
    What about the rest of the estates?
    Its not about Klein versus Branca.
    ITS ALL ABOUT greedy people vampirying from Michaels legacy.
    Or how much is it for each year they do live from MIKE?


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