Saturday, December 12, 2009


Michael Jackson's fateful prediction just a week before his death

By Ian Halperin 3:58 PM on 29th June 2009

Thank you for your love and support,’ he told them.
‘I want you guys to know I love you very much.
'I don’t know how I’m going to do 50 shows.

I’m not a big eater. I need to put some weight on.
I’m really angry with them booking me up to do
50 shows. I only wanted to do ten.’

One of his former employees was particularly struck by
Jackson’s wording that day. ‘The way he was talking,
it’s like he’s not in control over his own life any more,’
she told me earlier this month.

‘It sounds like somebody else is pulling his strings
and telling him what to do.

Someone wants him dead.

'They keep feeding him pills like candy.
They are trying to push him over the edge.
He needs serious help.

The people around him will kill him.’

As the London concerts approached, something was
clearly wrong. Jackson had vowed to travel to England
at least eight weeks before his first shows, but he kept
putting it off. ‘To be honest, I never thought Michael
would set foot on a concert stage ever again,’said one aide, choking back tears on the evening of his death ".
‘This was not only predictable, this was inevitable.’

On June 21, Jackson told my contact that he wanted
to die. He said that he didn’t have what it would take
to perform anymore because he had lost his voice
and dance moves.

‘It’s not working out,’ Jackson said. ‘I’m better off dead.


  1. That is bullshit. I don't believe a single word. Michael said it to make you believe that he was going to get it over with his life. But, its not true, cause when you want to play dead, like you know Game Time, you have to play desperate for a while than you die, but your not dead. You just made them belief for months. He can fool the medias like they fooled him.

  2. What is the source of these statements. How do we even know Michael really said those things. He looked really thin in the movie, but he also looked like he was having a really good time. I loved the seen where he is telling to keyboardist to let it simmer, and then he did that beautiful ballet move. He didn't look like a person who wanted to die. And if he wanted to die, why did he put so much energy into the creation of those beautiful sets,etc.