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3:40 STOP TAPE Thome speaks about working with Michael

In the spring of 2009 it was announced that Jackson would be auctioning off some 2,000 items of personal property, most of which were from Neverland on April 22.

On April 14 2009 it was announced that plans to hold the
auction were halted after Jackson “successfully” sued
Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles.

Tohme’s ties to the Nation of Islam came to light
when the auctioneer of Jackson’s items, Darren Julian,
filed an affidavit in the Los Angeles Superior Court.
Julian alleged that during a meeting with Tohme’s
business partner James R. Weller, Weller had
threatened Julian:

“According to Julien’s account, ‘Weller said if we refused to postpone [the auction], we would be in danger from ‘Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam; those people are very protective of Michael’.

He told us that Dr Tohme and Michael Jackson
wanted to give the message to us that ‘our
lives are at stake and there will be bloodshed’.


The LA Times is reporting that there’s a “battle brewing” between Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine and the temporary administrators of Jackson’s estate. The Times also mentioned concert promoter AEG. While the press is focusing on the temporary administrators of the trust named in Jackson’s will and Katherine, we see a different slant to this story, of AEG seeking to keep the details of its involvement in Michael Jackson’s final months as well as his death, under wraps. Details which, we believe, if revealed, will result in a massive wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live and Colony Capital, co-promoter of the 50 concerts slated in London.

We also believe that yet another person will be involved, the “mysterious” Dr. Tohme Tohme, who recently “returned” $5.5 million in “secret cash” and items from Neverland which belonged to Jackson and which were originally slated to be auctioned off prior to Jackson’s death to the Jackson estate.

According to ABC, Dr. Tohme, Jackson’s “unpaid adviser”, recently turned over to the Jackson estate $5.5 million in ” secret cash” and a “substantial amount of tangible personal property”. Property which were Jackson’s personal Neverland items that were once slated to be auctioned.

The auction was “called off” with Jackson’s personal items being returned to Jackson. We found this quote from Julien dated June 26, the about the fate of Jackson’s personal items and whether the items would be auctioned off now that Jackson was dead:

“We returned everything to Michael immediately after the exhibit was canceled. It is still in storage. Under the right circumstances, I would agree to undertake the auction again.” Last week the Jackson estate reported that it had received from Tohme $5 million in “secret cash” and that Tohme had “turned over items from the pop star’s Neverland estate that were once scheduled to be auctioned”.

COME JUNE 25th" Prince the Boy King " is set to Auction Once again

As it all continues to unfold...right before our very eyes
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