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The painting directly behind Thome Thome is titled:
"Modern Renaissance Man" The Book by Brett-Livingstone Strong

The original portrait of Jackson as a "Modern Renaissance Man",
The Book was purchased in 1989 by a Japanese businessman
for $2.1 million and is said to be the world's most valuable portrait
of a living person. This Media Artgraph is one of a numbered, limited,
Japan Deluxe edition (71/125) which had a replacement value of
$6,000.00 in 1990.

From the Huffington Post:
First Posted: 08- 4-09 02:04 AM Updated: 09- 3-09 05:12 AM

The New York Times reports that the owners of the famous
Brett-Livingstone Strong portrait of Jackson, believed to be
the only portrait for which he actually posed for, are trying to
sell it while the market is hot.

According to the Times:
The portrait depicts Mr. Jackson dressed in red velvet holding
a journal of thoughts and sketches. "We called it, 'The Book,'
" Mr. Strong said. 'What are you going to put in 'The Book'
today, Michael?'

The backdrop is Neverland, with an image of Tinkerbell. The painting
has touches of Vermeer, as that was one of Mr. Jackson's favorite
painters, Mr. Strong said.

The 40-inch by 50-inch painting was last sold for $2.1 million in 1990,
and was later acquired by toy inventors Marty Abrams and John Gentilly.

The portrait is currently on display in the showroom of the
Dancy-Power Automotive Group, a luxury car dealership in Harlem.

Brett-Livingstone Strong's Rare Portrait Of Michael Jackson May Be Up For Sale (PHOTOS)#slide_image

There seems to be much mystery surrounding this portrait
and the whereabouts of it to this date. Just recently it was seen
on Ebay being auction but as of April 17th there were no bidders.

Brett Livingstone Strong discussing the deal made with Jackson.

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  1. "This Media Artgraph is one of a numbered, limited,
    Japan Deluxe edition (71/125) which had a replacement value of
    $6,000.00 in 1990."

    Coincidence? - Ambulance Number was 71

  2. Also, July 7, 2009, which was the memorial day, there were reports that a journal of Michael Jackson, a BOOK, that was found by a family friend, which was to be Michael Jackson Death Hoax Diary. It was on ABC, CNN and Fox News and Nancy Grace.

    The data entery date of Nov 17 2008 explains his feelings. The family friend tells exclusively

  3. replacement value of 6000.00

    so, we have 71/125
    71= Ambulance

    6000.00 replacement could mean 6 month = June
    25= being the day of death as well.

    not sure what the 1 means

    I'll have to come back to this, because I think the 71/125 is significant

  4. 1 Week after MJ Memorial came Sept 10, 2009 Carolwood....
    Then the following day came this report Breaking news: Michael Jackson sends message to fans – I am alive!
    In Michael Death Hoax Diary Found, Michael Faked His Death, Michael J Doctor Innocent, Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson Bombshell, Michael Jackson's Tomb is Empty on September 11, 2009 at 1:48 pm