Sunday, September 19, 2010


Carolwood is busy, always lots going on there.
The Tourbuses, the fans, the paparrazi, and now even the Realtor..
They all want a glimpse of the King of Pop's home..
People come from all over the world to be here.

The infamous Carolwood home where Michael Jackson
lived and spent his last 7-8 months up until June 25th 2009.

Lately, there has been some signs, very small, suttle things
that make you wonder. Could he be watching??? Could he be?

There have been the kittens and the one that was saved
coming out from the Carolwood gates, the one seemed to have been
seperated from the mother and the rest that were spotted early on.
This is the one that was rescued.

And Of course the girls are still there outfront selling "Star Maps"
Everyone wants to know " Where Michael Jackson lived".

Today on this steel box that sits right on the corner of
Sunset and Carolwood, a small ink grafatti drawing was
discovered that never had been there before...its beautiful.

I wanted to share it with all the fans.

Just another small jesture and beauty that beheld
Michael Jackson.

Today this picture of Michael Jackson
was spotted, and below is the picture you can see
where it has been placed...Right on the box.

How ironic as where this is where all the action takes

CAROLWOOD: " Michael Jackson Style "


  1. Is this a clue this new portrait that sits right outside Carolwood... On September 27, 1987 he was in Japan one day before (26) was recorded Check for flight details

    LAX-GDL MX 927 Mexicana 8:30 AM 8:44 AM 1:35 PM 1:39 PM ~ Unknown

    9/27 was the same day that the tickets went on sale for TII

  2. It's easy to see the pic was done with a stencil and spray paint.