Monday, November 15, 2010


They say money cant buy you love....
and for all those that love the Beatles
tomorrow is not just an ordinary day.
It will change music for itunes/apple and

Apple has a big announcement scheduled for
Tuesday morning -- and according to the Wall
Street Journal, that announcement will be " the
Arrival of the Fab Four in the iTunes store".

Why We Care About Apple And The Beatles

The Beatles' catalog, which underwent a handsome
remastering and reissue last year, has long been
absent from the digital retailer thanks to a number
of reported disagreements, making the act the store's
biggest holdout.

So, should John, Paul, George and Ringo reach the end
of the long and winding road to iTunes, it feels like
a big deal -- but is it?

"Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget,"
iTunes' site trumpets today, but the privilege of being
able to buy digital versions of 40-year-old albums by the
world's most popular band hardly seems like a historic

The Beatles' discography remains arguably the greatest
the rock genre's ever produced -- songs such as "While
My Guitar Gently Weeps" " Hey Jude"

Has the Beatles' iTunes holdout really been keeping
you from treading down "Abbey Road" all these years?
Or have you discovered other methods of digital music
-finding beyond Steve Jobs' store?

Well didn't they say the 4th Quarter belongs to the Beatles
Keep in mind who owns most of the Beatles Publishing???
None other then Michael Jackson.

Tomorrow will make history..Mark my words

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  1. abbey road album cover revealed.

    this is a funeral procession.

    john in white is "God"

    ringo in a black suit is the "pallbearer"

    paul mccartney is the "dead man" dressed in
    a suit with bare feet

    george harrison in work clothes is the "grave digger"