Wednesday, December 22, 2010


The below tweets were from around Oct 15th when i spoke to various eye witnesses' who were at Carolwood June 25th.

NOTE: Read tweets from the bottom up.

This is the info that was relayed to me that day. It is quite a different story then what we have been told.

So with that, yesterday T & T were in BelAir and happened to capture Ambulance and Firetruck 71 LIVE.

Since these tweets were tweeted (i deleted all but 1 of them). I thought it would be important to share this info with you as alot of the other forums kept these tweets.

It is with great anticiapation we hope to uncover yet another staged peice of this grand master plan..

"The Death Hoax of Michael Jackson"

MJHOAXLIVE The millioin dollar picture the so called last shot of MJ in the ambulance couldn't have been taken that day... No Way..

MJHOAXLIVE But they know. what happened here at Carolwood June 25th... They were here......

MJHOAXLIVE I'm here at Carolwood hearing their story once again speaking with 2 people that I will not disclose their identity

MJHOAXLIVE Everything had already happened the ambulance and firetruck were already inside Still noone on the streets of here at Carolwood.... via txt

MJHOAXLIVE Prior to the firetruck arriving which arrived first on the scene...they are saying Carolwood was Empty noone on the street

MJHOAXLIVE They again are telling me what Took place here June 25th and it aint what is on this tape.

MJHOAXLIVE Which he parked down the street on Carolwood outside the gates came walking up carrying a bag in hand ...

MJHOAXLIVE I'm hearing now first hand that the new guard ( Eric ) shoiwed after ambulance arrived driving a silver SUV 14 minutes ago via txt

MJHOAXLIVE The Ambulance arrived. 1. 1/2 minutes after the Firetruck The ambulance was inside still noone


  1. This is too cryptic, what are you saying? Between all the mispellings and vague half finished sentences is this supposed to mean something? What are you saying?

  2. Only time in my live i see flowers hanging for a dead man on that dead man's door BEFORE that dead man has unnecessary CPR in the hospital (he was already dead a long time then).