Monday, April 18, 2011


GeoHot has taken a settlement with Sony.
The case has been dropped. In the eyes of the law,
the case is closed, for anonymous it is just beginning.
By forcing social networking sites such as YouTube and
Facebook to hand over IP addresses of those who have
viewed GeoHot's videos, they have performed an act of
privacy invasion.

We, anonymous, will not allow this to happen.

We are anonymous We are legion We do not forgive
greedy companies We do not forget the denial of
free flow of information EXPECT US

Make sure the people know the injustices performed
by this corrupt company.

It is time to show large corporations and governments
that the people, as a collective whole, can and will
change injustice in society, and we will make a great
example out of sony.

Our official website: ( or ) IRC:

Sony. prepare for the biggest attack you have
ever witnessed, anonymous style. -

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  1. ihr seit verbrecher und nichts anderes
    verdient euch so euren unterhalt.
    müßt vergast werden