Saturday, October 15, 2011



Isn't this how the press/media has portrayed
Michael Jackson...and things still haven't changed.

I must warn you first about this image.
It is something I had and am having a hard time with ...
I saw this picture, then i saw the appears to
look quite similar to the "Shroud of Turin ".

The Shroud of Turin: modern photo of the face, positive left, negative right. Negative has been contrast enhanced.

Don't get me wrong or misunderstand me here
MJ is not the second coming!!!
But why the image on his body .. in this negative picture??

I quess somethings you just can't explain.

My question is why would this autopsy photo
be allowed in public view in the first place.
Such disrespect for Michael Jackson and his family.

I was sent the above(top)picture yesterday via Jane.
She was the one who did the negative. It went from her to me to twitter very quickly.
This is the autopsy photo( as a NEGATIVE)
apparently of Michael Jackson that was shown
in the courts earlier this week.
Jane told me she sharpened the image and produced
"a negative image" then adjusted the balance.
This is what appeared upon doing that.

I don't know whats going on here but It appears
the original photo has been tampered with.

I cannot confirm that this is the body of Michael Jackson.
I believe it to be fake, as the ambulance photo below


Here is what Joe Jackson has to say about
his son Michael and seeing him upon death.

The whole point is that he didn't see him or his body.


For those wondering Jane has asked me to direct you
to her Facebook page, So here goes.!/sueinhollywood


  1. Twiggy for me I think the face on the body just represents you know, a person's body is their Temple to God in which God Lives in. Thank you for all you do *smooches*

  2. But isn't the biggest clue there meant to be his belly buttom. The guy wasn't grown in a test tube! His belly button sticks out and therez nothing there. If so, why would Michael get a picture like that released? So as to show that we shouldn't accept everthing the media release?

  3. It is all an illusion...Michael is showing us how magnificent and powerful we truly are..beyond measure...what a beautiful journey...We are All One !! Love and Light.

  4. Shroud, indeed. Who else shows a deceased person in the courtroom, AND NOT ONE WORD OF PROTEST FROM THE DEFENSE TEAM NOR OUTRAGE FROM THE FAMILY?

    This photo was not of MJ. Remember, the autopsy results were from someone else, not MJ.

    Hoax, folks.

  5. Hi this is psychicjane on twitter. I took the picture and rotated it upright, went to negative, sharpened the image and autobalanced. I saw the face on the chest and the star. Is it a coincidence or is this a fake photo too? It is also on my facebook/susanjanefischer. Your input is appreciated. I only want the truth to prevail!

  6. Maybe it's to say, look, at my trials, they stripped me naked and tried to break me!

  7. So what are you saying Twiggy that now Micheal is realy gone ??????????????? god I so lost all hope :(