Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Is "the Man in the Mirror" working
good for Dr. Murray? It appears so
after news was delivered today ...


Murray got a hugh break when a decision to
withdraw the request that Murray should pay up
(100 million to be exact)came down.

Murray should be jumping up and down for joy,
as this decision comes as a hugh sign of relief
in what could have been.

The request for payments from Conrad Murray
was withdrawn Wednesday during a brief court
hearing, just days before a judge was scheduled
to consider how much the former cardiologist
should pay to members of Jackson's family
or his estate.

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren
told the judge handling the case that he was
withdrawing the restitution request after speaking
with Jackson's mother, Katherine, and attorney for
his father, Joseph.

Walgren also consulted with an attorney for the
singer's estate and a court-appointed attorney
representing the interests of Jackson's three
children, a transcript of the proceedings shows.

Jackson's estate estimated the singer would
have earned at least $100 million if he had
performed his "This Is It" concerts planned
for London's O2 arena.

Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor ruled
that the family was waiving its right to
restitution permanently, although two separate
cases pending in a Los Angeles civil court
seek damages for the King of Pop's June
2009 death.

Murray might have also been found liable for
Jackson's funeral expenses, which totaled more
than $1.8 million. Murray's attorneys said he
had nowhere near the money to pay either amount,
and he filed paperwork last month indicating
he is indigent.

Katherine Jackson is suing concert giant AEG Live,
which was promoting Jackson's planned series of
comeback concerts, claiming they failed to
properly supervise Murray.

The fate of Joseph Jackson's civil case remains
unclear. A California bar court in Los Angeles
recommended Friday that the Jackson family
patriarch's attorney, Brian Oxman, be barred
from practicing law because of conduct on other,
unrelated cases.

Oxman filed Joseph Jackson's lawsuit in federal
court on the one-year anniversary of the singer's
death, but a judge later ruled it should be heard
in state court.

Oxman is the only attorney who has been listed
on the case so far and has been a vocal antagonist
against Murray and AEG Live.

"Maybe after all, that man in the Mirror is
working out for you, Dr. Murray".


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  1. Nice to see love, forgiveness and compassion are still "alive"