Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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In this Interview February 10, 2012 the day
before Whitney Houston's death, Clive Davis
Is promoting Jennifer Hudson On CNN BY Saying
Jennifer is the next Whitney Houston.

Clive Davis also said that he wants to replace
all the old school Artist for the new Artists,
such as Aretha Franklyn and he also Stated that
Whitney Houston as old school that needed to
also be replaced.



Across my phone reads:

Something has gone terribly wrong
Arriving at the Hilton shortly after 4:00pm
having been sent a Text that came across my phone
"Whitney Houston is dead."

something about it felt familiar to me
like something was not right about all this
it's taken me awhile to come to this.

I haven't really been able to blog about that nite
and haven't spoken about it much either.
Have still been letting things settle
inside of me, its almost as if it weren't
really it surreal.

I thought to myself
I'm going to sit this one out and watch
let it all unfold.

Fast forward to present day
March 14, 2012

Some how the story had changed...
it wasnt the same things i was hearing there on the floor
that night that day that Whitney died.
Who found Whitney? who took the picture?
How did she die? What really happened upstairs
in that room up on the 4th floor.

Did i hear someone say the TV was smashed
I was listening to everyone else's story what
they had to say about what had happened.
All i know is that Whitney lay in state
while the party went on downstairs in the lobby...

Please tell me how could this man (Clive Davis)
that had kept such a close watch over Whitney
all these years in the music business allowed
this or even would want to continue with any

For once can't someone say: Dear Hollywood
Sorry ...The party is over!!! Just for one night!!!
We need to take some time and sort this out
attend to our families, those affected by this.

I don't want to have to say "I told you so"
IF this is true what has become of this small town
and place we call Hollywood...

What will become of Hollywood 10 years from now
If this is now what will it be?
Who will bring the change that we so badly need
Who could that be ...

Is Hollywood so corrupt and evil that people
such as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston
die because of it?

It's almost like Hollywood got the best of them,
they couldn't fight it anymore, the odds were
against them no matter how hard they tried.

I don't believe for a minute, this story is over.

Whitney said her spirit gave out, not her voice.
And with Michael I think, he had a change of heart
as much as he loved performing and entertainment
He wasn't going to play there hand....
atleast not on there terms.

So the game is far from over .

Who then is strong enough to stand and
step up to what is going on in Hollywood
And Help bring that change
for our future, for our children
For each other, before it's too late.

SEPT 14, 2009


  1. OMG that OLD outdated Clive Davis needs to be replaced with some NEW talented Music Producer. Someone should wash his mind and mouth out and that's for starters...

    Keep digging Twiggy ur doing great job! TY.

  2. Whitney you really are missed and loved for allways.
    Fuck Satan, Fuck Illuminati and fuck the NWO!!! Down with the bad powers! God will burn to you all and nobody is more incredibly than GOD! He is of the only true one POWER(to itself honoured feel to serve him).

    By far, no one can replace Whitney - she`s the VOICE... no J.Hud, no Brandy, no Monica or anyone else, no one...