Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The year is 1967. A British secret agent has been "frozen,"
awaiting the day when his arch nemesis will return from
his own deep freeze to once again threaten the world.
That day finally arrives in 1997. The agent is revived after
30 years on ice, and he saves the world from imminent
destruction.You'll probably recognize this scenario from
the hit movie, "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery"

(1997). Cryonics also shows up in films like "Vanilla Sky" (2001),
"Sleeper" (1973) and "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968).

But is it pure Hollywood fiction, or can people
r­eally be fr­ozen and then thawed to live on years later?

People who undergo this procedure must first be
pronounced legally dead -- that is, their heart must
have stopped beating. But if they're
dead, how can they ever be revived?

According to scientists who perform cryonics,
"legally dead" is not the same as "totally dead."
Total death, they say, is the point at which all brain
function ceases. Legal death occurs when the heart
has stopped beating, but some cellular brain function

Cryonics preserves the little cell function that remains
so that, theoretically, the person can be
resuscitated in the future.

Now since the topic has been brought up
I thought I'd put it out there.
My opinion I believe only God Gives
and takes life.

But Is there anything such as the Michael
Jackson Time Machine.


From the comment below our friend Sam
seems to think that Michael Jackson's body
has been frozen!!! and that Forest Lawn
is just a memorial to the King of Pop.

The Message is from Sam..
Sam De Gossen??? Is that you Sam
if so didnt you see Michael June 24th 2009?
the evening of?

Incase you wonder how the message reads
Here it is .

I think we have heard it all.
First the Halogram now.. He's Frozen!

The Message is the 4th comment down (via Link).

I just want everyone who sees this website to
know that Michael Jackson is sadly not alive.
I am one of the many people that believed that
he was still alive, not because I didn't want
to believe it but because of all of the strange
things surrounding his death. We have all been
lead to believe by all of these people, Twiggy and Pearl junior all of the hoax website
that Michael could and in some cases is still

I have more information to find out in the coming
weeks about Michael's death and how it all happened but Michael is not alive I'm sad to say.
his body has not been buried but frozen as the
family didnt want anyone trying to take his body
and the Morselium is only a Memorial to him it
does not and never did house his body hense his
name never being place there.

I'm telling people this as thereare so many
that are waiting for Michael to come back and
I feel there are people that keep this going for
there own means.

Love and sunshine


  1. Isn't fantasy just wonderful? Elvis first pls..

  2. Hi every

    I'm sorry I don't know what I was thinking, when I wrote this post LOL!!! i was warned by my source that there there would be lot of non believers. I to was a believer that Michael was alive and have really loved all of the website about Michael. i don't mind that you've ridiculed and made fun of my post, people respond in many different ways to something or someone that threatens what they have been lead to believe in. It's quiet remarkable how Twiggy, Pearl and other sites can be believed when they have no proof either that michael is alive. The thing is your all of the same mind so you keep the dream alive
    and it is a beautiful dream and just that a Dream.
    I want to thankyou all for you feed back it's been intersting and no my last name is not De Gossen???? :)and yes this will be my last post my work is done here. I don't believe you riducule and make fun of your friends that's not friendship.
    Love and Sunshine

  3. Oh
    I just forgot to add


    Sarcasim I Love it LOL!!!! :)

    I wander what you'll blog will be after my last post

    love and Light

  4. Sam, can you please learn how to spell.

  5. Sam, Your post is probably the most sensible and logical thing I've heard in the past 3 years (almost 3 years)...What does spelling have to do with anything anyway?? God Bless you

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