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"The Coronation Theatre" is 9ft by 11ft portrait,
commissioned by the Palace to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

Her majesty posed for an hour-long sitting in
The Yellow Drawing Room,  at Buckingham Palace,
in March. Mr Heimans then imagined the dramatic
backdrop – the Sacrarium at Westminster Abbey,
also known as

"The Coronation Theatre, Westminster Abbey:
"A Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II".

She stands on the Cosmati pavement – a spot where every English
monarch has been crowned since it was commissioned by Henry III
in the 13th century.The latest portrait of the Queen pictures her in
a moment of quiet reflection as she stands on the spot in Westminster
Abbey where she was crowned 60 years ago.

The spot where she is standing on the Cosmati pavement –
is a a spot where every English monarch has been crowned
since it was commissioned by Henry III in the 13th century.
The Church is seen empty and the Queen is uncloaked.
Unrobed in her majesty, looking quite somber.

The painting is entitled

"The Coronation Theatre, Westminster Abbey:
"A Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II".

Artist Ralph Heimans commissioned by the Palace to
mark the Diamond Jubilee said he sought to
capture "her humanity", Mr Heimans, said:
'I hope there is a degree of humanity uncommon
in traditional Royal portraits. I wanted her expression
to be open to interpretation so that people could
imagine what she was thinking at that moment,
but I think there is a sense of tenderness and soulfulness,
as well as nostalgia and contemplation.

The huge work of art was unveiled by Australian 
Governor-General Quentin Bryce at the National
Portrait Gallery in Canberra, Australia.

Recounting the events of Coronation Day, 2nd June 1953,

The "royal" family knows their own history full well,
including that they and the British people are part of the
"Lost" tribes of Israel (Ephraim.) However, they certainly
don't go out of their way to educate the "commoners" about
these facts But, despite all the disinformation over the years,
this ancient heritage of the British royal family is true
and bullet-proof.

The Royal Bloodline Back to King David/Jesus
It's too much to include here, but the true and verifiable
genealogy of the British royals has been published in many
books for over a hundred of years and is also widely
available for viewing online.

For reference: King David to "queen" Elizabeth.
Elizabeth's great great grandmother, the legitimate queen
Victoria, was so proud of her lineage that she had a large
poster put up in Windsor castle, showing the family bloodline
back to David. It is far too expansive a subject to discuss here,
but knowing what became of all the "Lost" tribes of Israel helps
to understand this overall subject and plenty of others.

That information can be easily looked at here:
Twelve Tribes of Israel.

Figure 2. The royal line of David, including the branch from
Zedekiah to King George VI and his descendant
Queen Elizabeth II.

Sceptics claim that the promise of David’s everlasting throne has
been fulfilled in Christ. They further claim that the promise was
conditional on the ‘good behaviour’ of Israel’s kings,
the literal descendants of David. As they didn’t meet the
conditions, their right to the throne was forfeited.

Jesus is therefore, according to this interpretation,
the one who sits on David’s throne.

1 KINGS 2:1-4; PSALM 132:11; 1 KINGS 8:25; 2 CHRONICLES 6:16;
 1 KINGS 6:11-12; 1 KINGS 9:2-7; 1 CHRONICLES 28:6.

History is rife with other examples showing this ancient
Israelite bloodline's consistently despicable actions,
including their working with other "black nobility",
such as the Rothschilds, to bring about the satanic (evil)
New World Order.

In the brilliant book by John Coleman called,
The Conspirator's Hierarchy: The Committee of 300,
he states that, basically, Elizabeth (or whoever holds the
British monarch) is at the top of the NWO-pyramid with
only a small handful of evil peers. So, those that may
have fallen for the disinfo that Elizabeth is just a
figurehead should think again.  Her and her family
are far from just figureheads.

The reason that Elizabeth and her family are of timely
importance is because her power is probably the easiest
to take away out of all the top Illuminati families,
and taking her down would shake the NWO
super-structure to its core.


Then there is the "Stone of Destiny", which very few
people outside of Britain have ever heard of.
The absolute shortest version of events is that it
was the rock Jacob, the Biblical patriarch of Israel,
used as a pillow when he slept in a cave outside
Bethel and dreamed of angels ascending and descending
to Heaven. Upon awakening from his sleep,
Jacob anointed the Stone with oil and turned it into
the seat, or Throne, of the Israelite people
 (not the modern-day Khazarian "Israelis").

History has now shown and proven that absolutely
every single legitimate king or queen of Israel has
been crowned sitting or standing upon this Stone/Throne.

Every single one of them--except Elizabeth.

In World War 2, when the Nazis were bombing
London, it was not the crown jewels that were taken
to safety; it was this Stone of Destiny. .
To the great dismay of king George
(and his daughter Elizabeth -- now "QE2"),
the Stone was taken from Westminster Abbey on
Christmas Day of 1950 by a group of four Scottish
nationalists, lead by a brave man named Ian Hamilton.
It was recovered in April 1951 and replaced in the
Coronation Chair in February 1952, after additional
precautions had been taken for its future safety.
In November 1996 the Stone was returned to Scotland
on the orders of the UK government and it is now on
exhibition at Edinburgh Castle.

It will be returned to Westminster Abbey for coronations.

Mr. Hamilton authored a book recounting the endeavor
called, Taking of the Stone of Destiny. In it he wrote:
"Privately we learned that he (George VI) had a
superstitious fear that the loss portended the end of
his dynasty."After the four Scots took the real Stone
of Destiny back to their homeland and hid it safely,
they took a fake sandstone block that had been used to
 practice and train with, then wrapped it in a Scottish
national flag before leaving it at the symbolic Arbroath
Abbey in Scotland, where the English authorities found
and retrieved it.

The real Stone has not been seen publicly since 1950,
but a valid picture of it prior to its removal from
Wesminster Abbey, along with a film on the subject
and a far more detailed account of the Stone's true history. 

Unfortunately the only pictures available are black and
white, but many first-hand historical accounts all recorded
the same thing, that the real Stone was a reddish/purplish
type of porphyry rock.The similarly sized block of
 sandstone that was only acquired to practice on, not even
made to look like a qualified replica and substitute for the
real thing, is the "stone of destiny" now wrongly on display
 at Edinburgh castle.

So, anyone that had seen the real Stone would have
immediately known this sandstone block was a fake,
including both king George and his daughter Elizabeth.
The linked pictures, alongside the aforementioned
quote from George (of which there are others),
all help prove the royals knew the returned stone was
a fake.  But it was Elizabeth's actions surrounding her
1953 Coronation that really drove the point home.
When her father George died, Elizabeth did everything
she could to stop her Coronation from being televised,
because she was terrified that people would see that the
stone being used for her coronation was a fake. 

It was perfectly obvious to her, so she feared it would
be obvious to everyone else too. Public demands forced
her to relent, but a strict rule was passed that absolutely
no close-ups could be shot.


Overturn 1: From Jerusalem to Ireland (Hill of Tara) in 6th century
BC. Overturn
2: From Ireland to Scotland (first Argyll, then Dunstaffnage)
around 5th century AD. Overturn
3: From Scotland to England (London - Westminster Abbey)
in 1296 AD. 4th and Final Overturn: Began when the Stone
was taken from Westminster Abbey in 1950 AD.

If you look again at Elizabeth's royal genealogy, you will
see that the valid and legitimate royal bloodline of David follows
the path of the Stone perfectly, because ALL of the people/royals
in that bloodline knew of the origins, prophecies, and great
importance of the Stone of Destiny.

If more people know about this, and start demanding answers
with one voice, it could turn into a nightmarish scenario for
Elizabeth, because it has the potential to drag her down and put
her in prison for fraud, theft, and treason.

  "Off with her head!"

Because of the highly covered-up nature of this story,
finding factual information on this subject is very difficult,
which is why this is a must read for those with further interest:
Stone of Destiny.


When The Lord Jesus Christ returns He WILL TAKE
THE THRONE OF HIS GLORY here on this earth and


It won't last forever.
 C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

"In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day
of salvation I helped you." I tell you, now is the time
 of God's favor, now is the day of salvation.

2 Corin 6: 2
Behold! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep,
but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling
of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will
sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable,
and we shall be changed.

It would be presumption to “spiritualize”
God’s words to Jeremiah as if they only pointed to Jesus Christ.

The most powerful confirmation is that the LORD repeats
 this very promise in the midst of Judah being deported, “...

David shall never want a man to sit upon the throne of the
house of Israel...” (JEREMIAH 33:17).

The Lord has remained true to His promise and has
actively watched over the throne of David throughout
HIStory, keeping it ready for the return of Christ,
who will claim His rightful throne and rule the World...

The next King of England will be crowned on top of a
 mosaic that represents the center of the Universe,
the moment of creation. Cosmati Pavement

The Cosmati pavement was commissioned by King Henry
III and created in the 13th century. It was restored, but for
over 150 years it was covered with a carpet. All the Kings
and Queens of England over 750 years were crowned in the
centre of this pavement, and it is packed with
medieval metaphors.

The great pavement in front of the High Altar of
Westminster Abbey is a unique and remarkable object
foretelling the end of the world, while conservation
experts consider how to preserve
the ancient stones for the next 740 years.

It contains a coded message that predicts the date
of the end of time. It has only recently been re-discovered
underneath the carpet at the spot where the coronation
traditionally takes place. It was put there to
represent the notion that the king was a living
embodiment of God on Earth.

Kings of the Apocalypse: Secret end times message
found encoded on Westminster Abbey coronation floor.

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