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Monday August 13, 2012

Judge Dale Fischer, who presided over
Anthony Pellicano's trial on racketeering and
wiretapping charges opened today

"Having spent a number of years with Mr. Pellicano
I have a great deal of confidence in his abilities,
" Fischer said," In Fact I am not convinced otherwise".

During the hearing, U.S. District Court Judge
Dale Fischer asked if there were any victims in the
courtroom. Anita Busch, the former Los Angeles Times
wasn't planning to talk, but when the judge asked
if I would like to speak, I said yes."

It was nearly ten years ago today that Los Angeles Times
reporter Anita Busch found a dead fish on her car.

There was a rose in the fish's mouth and a note that said:

She took it as a warning about her reporting —
Busch, the former editor in chief of the Hollywood Reporter,
spoke to the courts, My life has been a living Hell,
I've suffered greatly, I lost my sources I lost my health,
I'm afraid for my safety.

Bail is inappropiate today.

At one point Busch turned to Mr. Gruel and said,
" If He's so indigent, Whose Paying you?" Steven Gruel,
remarked, "I haven't made a cent! "

The Judge had to call order then a short break came
before the hearing was closed out.

Gruel went on to say, " Anthony Pellicano hasn't been
PI, He is indigent, He doesn't have any assetts,
doesn't have any clients in his possession
PI simply doesn't exist. No fact at all to say that
he is a flight risk. He has nothing.

We can't look at 2002-2003 and say he's out
destroying evidence that charge was never brought forward.
The RICO charges most likely will be dropped,
I am most confident of that. Tell me,
said Gruel " What is it the goverment is holding on him?
What is it they are concerned of getting or
what do they have on Pellicano, I don't see it, says Gruel.

Closing arguments from the man himself 2008

Pellicano Delivers Own (Hysterical) Closing Arguments
"You didn't hear all of those recordings and they may
have had more evidence to assist you,"
Mr. Pellicano said before
Mr. Saunders exploded with another objection.

Well, nobody wants the jury to hear about how
the government couldn't break the encryption codes
set up by just a private investigator and his nerdy
side-kick, Kevin Kachikian. Pretty sad stuff....

As for what we did hear, Mr. Pellicano apologized.
"Those were never intended to be heard by anyone but
Mr. Pellicano," he said of the phone recordings seized
from his office.

And then, there were his final comments to the jury--
probably the most entertaining final close that I've ever heard.
"Mr. Pellicano refuses to insult your intelligence,"
he said of himself.

"Mr. Pellicano told you that the evidence will show
what the evidence shows and it clearly does."
And, that's a fact Jack.

Finally, he had one last thought for the jury.

"Mr. Pellicano had instructed me not to stand up
here and try to sway you and you know that people do what
Mr. Pellicano says," he argued, prompting the judge to
cover her face with her hand to conceal her laughter. "
"So, I'm going to do what Mr. Pellicano says."
And with that, he thanked the jury for their service and
walked over to his chair with a big smile on his face.

April 30, 2008 01:48 PM

He didn't take there plea bargin ...
or shall I say cooperate
with what the authorities wanted.


Code of Silence.

Outside the courtroom, Gruel said he is planning to
appeal Fischer’s decision to the 9th Circuit Court of
Appeals later this month.

“I knew it was going to be an uphill battle,” Gruel said.

• "You know the kind of guy I am.
If I got a problem with you, I'm in your face." —
on why he possibly couldn't have ordered someone
to put a dead fish and rose on Anita Busch's car
(The Los Angeles Times, June 11, 2006)

Read more:,8599,1866315,00.html#ixzz23V4V4sbo


Omertà (/ɵˈmɛrtə/; Italian pronunciation: [omerˈta])
is a popular cultural attitude and code of honour that
places heavy importance on a deep-rooted "code of silence",
non-cooperation with authorities, and non-interference in
the illegal (and legal) actions of others.

Omertà is an extreme form of loyalty and solidarity in the
face of authority. One of its absolute tenets is that it is
deeply demeaning and shameful to betray even one’s
deadliest enemy to the authorities.

Observers of the mafia debate whether omertà
should best be understood as an expression of
social consensus surrounding the mafia or
whether it is instead a pragmatic response
based primarily on fear.

The point is succinctly made in a popular Sicilian
proverb Cu è surdu, orbu e taci, campa cent'anni 'mpaci

("He who is deaf, blind, and silent will live a hundred years in peace").


Pellicano knew MJ was innocent!!!
Weitzman stopped it from going to trial and
insurance paid out.

Tells me one thing says Pellicano
this was an extortion attempt from
the very beginning it was all planned.

Howard Weitzman standing Next to Pellicano  Stop tape 27-32

and rare old footage here of Bert Fields
the announcer saying it was part of an extortion attempt
Bert Fields goes on to say "He's not hiding out, hes not fleeing
from anything.


Read more:,8599,1866315,00.html#ixzz23V4V4sbo


  1. I agree that something was certainly Planned for Anthony. The FBI used to have him HELP them and then the next thing we knew he was on their wanted list. Something going on behind the scenes and as always we are only given snippets to grab at. Would love to speak with this man. Piano.

  2. So why not just write to Anthony. Hes in Big Spring FCI in Texas. I believe if you go to the website,then to inmate locator you will get all the info you need to write to him.

  3. I'd have already tried your suggestion if I thought my letter would be for his eyes only.

  4. Thats very true. Anthony and I have corresponded several times. I have asked him about MJ only once which is how we started writing to each other. He basically told me that people from all over the world have asked him about MJ and he will not talk about him. He did tell me that if I knew the truth about MJ, I would be diappointed in him and I just let things alone. I should say that Anthony and I ahve a mutual friend and that I also know Steve Gruel. The last time I got a letter from Anthony was in June 2011

  5. How interesting. Knowing that one would be disappointed in M is a worry, isn't it? So, are you not going to continue writing to him? He would have some very interesting stories to tell about all sorts of people but as this blog suggests,,,,,a code of silence is what he lives by OR he's been silenced for some reason. Piano

  6. I write to Anthony every month. We started writing in Fall of 2009. He just hasnt responded to my letters since June 2012. (Sorry in my previous post I said June 2011)What I have been told by others, is that if Anthony, thought MJ would have done anything to a child, Anthony would have taken things into his own hands. So as far as those allegations go, I dont think MJ did anything to children, I have seen a picture of MJ with one of Anthony's daughters. I believe she was 5 at the time. Anthony did tell me that MJ was surrounded by people who tried to control and influence him and that MJ could be very manipulative. Remember this was in 1993. Things may have changed. Im not trying to trash MJ whatsoever.

    In one of my last letters from Anthony he told me that I have been there for him when others have turned their backs and that he would make sure I am always protected. From what I dont know. But this summer I did find 3 dead rats on different occasions in my back yard.

    If someone thinks I know something I dont. I just started writing to him because I thought MJ's death was fishy and he was the only one that I knew indirectly that knew MJ.

    But as far as this blog goes,I do believe there is a code of silence and Anthony isnt about to break that code.

  7. Well, for heavens sake, you were quick to reply !! I usually only visit a blog once or twice and something made me have another look this morning for anything new. I read your reply and posted another comment and in no time, more from you. I listened to the piece that came out at the time of the Murdoch troubles when Anthony said Michael did somethng far worse than molest boys and I started wondering what that could possibly be. The only thing I could think of was that Michaels personal beliefs were very different to Anthony's and I hoped that Michael was not linked up with what I think is a particular 'movement' that's going on all around us. Of course, it could be something entirely different but that's what came to mind first off. I'm horrified to know you found dead rats on your lawn. This sounds like something out of a mafia film. I too started reading up on all things M simply because I found it very fishy. The announcements at the 02 and the 'death' such a short time later was the reason for my piqued interest. And yes, Anthony is sticking to his code of silence. Just imagine what that man knows !! Piano

  8. Its no secret that Anthony has several ties to the mafia and other secret groups. He has never mentioned that to me but that is based on what I have read on the internet. I do know Anthony's spiritual beliefs are extreme opposite on M's and my own. He believes in no God. He believes in no after life, no heaven.He himself told me that. It is how he always has believed. That makes me sad but it has never been my intention to change him, or anyone.
    So do you believe MJ is still alive? I actually found this website by "accident". I have mixed feelings. Im not even sure its him at the 02 announcement. He seems off to me or drugged up. An act? Perhaps. Something just isnt right though.

  9. Yes, I realise Anthony is tied to the Mafia. So, Anthony has NO belief in God? very interesting. I'm surprised by that. I found this site by chance too, several years back now. All sorts of thoughts discussed in the chatroom here on the blog, or at least various links and thoughts left from different people. Many seem to think he's still alive,,,, he may well be and if not, someone is making it look like he is in my opinion. Something was NOT RIGHT at the 02 announcement, I wish the truth would be told. Lots of covering up for some reason. Piano

  10. Anthony gave me a list of books to read that support his belief that there is no God. He asked me to read them but I never did because my Faith runs too deep. I dont think he or the books could ever change my mind.

    I should probably join the chat room. I have neer belonged to one before. The one thing that I keep coming back to as far as whether MJ is alive or not, is it where my son or brother, I would just come out and say, " People, Michael is dead. He is home with God.There is no hoax. Please do not give people false hope." But as far as I know, no one from the family has ever done that.

  11. I think Jermaine has made comments at one stage to one of the people that runs a site that claims Michael is coming back one day. I am very surprised to know Anthony believes in no God, most un Italian of him. Nonetheless, there are many who don't believe in God. I am not one of them....I'm a firm believer in the Creator. I'd never chatted or left comments anywhere until I came to this place. People tend to leave snippets to share with others who grace the place. Twiggy, the lady who runs this site, pops in to chat and does up blogs, as you can see. She appeared on Geraldo's show last yr in relation to the Estate/John Branca. Piano

    1. Wow thats amazing about Twiggy. I dont know anything about her. I will have to check her other blog postings. Maybe, im guessing here Pellicano has seen too many negative things in life that make him NOT believe. People can choose to look at the negative things in life or the beauty that life has to offer. I prefer the latter.

  12. Same !!

    There are some interesting blog posts on this site...I've read them all. I suppose there are still many people out there who find the whole saga very suspicious, dodgy, fake,underhand, or something. Things aren't straightforward so many still into finding the truth. Not so easy. Have a read and feel free to leave any links or thoughts in the chat room if you want to. No pressure. As for Anthony, he might not believe in his maker but it won't hurt for people to say a few prayers for him. Its never too late. Cheers, Piano

  13. Wonder what those books were called Anthony suggested to you? Piano

  14. I didnt save all of his letters but I will check the ones I do have and see if I find the list then will post them

  15. Oh, thank you very much ! Piano

    1. The books Pellicano told me to read are: 1) God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens
      2) The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
      3)Doubt by Jennifer Hecht

      Not familiar with any of these books

    2. 77.. Yes Christopher Hitchens ad Richard DAwkins are two of a kind. The Jennifer Michael Hecht woman is new to me...I watched a vimeo piece on her, almost an hour long, she's rather comical, very down to earth etc, and quite interesting about how even back back back in the day, information was done away with that didn't suit whatever trend was 'in'. I can see why Anthony might find her interesting. Of course, she hasn't persuaded me not to believe.... Piano.

  16. hmm, I should google them. Were their boks written along time ago?