Wednesday, March 10, 2010


L.A. Confidential :

December 08, 2003:
By Thomas Fields-Meyer

"I am not a rat, and I don't rat on a client,"
Pellicano told PEOPLE. "I am a stand-up guy."

His big break came in 1983, when attorney Howard
Weitzman recruited him to Los Angeles, where Pellicano
successfully dissected key recordings and helped undermine
prosecution witnesses to win automaker John DeLorean's
acquittal on drug-selling charges.

Stars soon came knocking. Michael Jackson enlisted
him to combat allegations that he had molested a
young boy in 1993.

"Celebrities hire him because they have the money
to get the best," says Ed Masry, the lawyer who
worked with Erin Brockovich and a former client of
Pellicano's who was also interviewed by the FBI.
"And he is very good." Whether he's good enough
to fend off the latest investigation remains to be seen.
He headed to prison with his usual bravado, even
getting married in Las Vegas—to Teresa DeLucio,
42, a night-club bartender-two days beforehand

"I'm going to jail with the attitude that I'm going
to further educate myself," he told the Los Angeles
Times. "And I hope to come out smarter than when
I went in."

This being Hollywood, he also has a few projects to
keep him busy in his cell. Top of the list?

A screenplay about the life of a private eye.
L.A. Confidential :
Co-prosecutor Dale Saunders explained that the
government has been hindered in producing this
evidence by the sophistication of Pellicano's encryption

Saunders then glanced at Pellicano seated at the defense
table. If the defense was "so desperate to get those files,"
Saunders said, "the man with the password is sitting
right there." Pellicano grinned.

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