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Wednesday, 08 July 2009 (MJHOAXLIVE)repost from Dec. 10,09)


Michael Jackson has entertained the world, with voice and moves, since age six. His recent death has provoked many questions.

More than anything, people around the world want to know: Why the King of Pop suddenly passed on.


CA: “A powerful artist like Michael, he’s not the first artist
that has ever decided when he’s not comfortable at his home,
the label to sit there and decides he’s going to take some
shots and say his piece. When artists at his level aren’t comfortable they say things. Someone like him, who only dealt with the top level –Japan and Mottola and stuff like that, he came out and said he’s fine.

I’m sure the frustration level was out of control. There is a lot of circumstances that pushed him to that point.

The thing that I’m so brutally offended about and it’s only a rumor, but it’s something I really believe, but I really think he got blackmailed at that whole scandal thing.

I think at some point the truth will come out. This man gave people millions and millions of dollars to philanthropic stuff. Never comes out what he did. I think his reactions were natural and I’m sure he was getting pushed. If you look at the quality of his work Chris, go back to Off The Wall, which is my favorite Michael Jackson record.
But every single record, I don’t care if you go to Dangerous, any single one, these records are perfect, blue book standard records, nothing but hits.

Cory and I sat in an office at Sony once and watched
a concert, a live DVD. A colleague of ours Ron Grant
called us in and said, ‘You guys want to watch something?’
And we’re figuring alright, middle of day, we’ll watch
something for five to ten minutes. It was unedited, two
and a half hours from a stadium at Brazil. He never
stopped working for two and a half hours. The point
that I would love to make about him is that he’s not
getting enough play for what he has contributed to
the world musically. He’s probably, arguably the
greatest musician we’ll ever see in our lifetime.

You’ll never see anything like this again.
That has to be discussed and mentioned.”

CR: “I don’t really think the music industry
has taken a deep enough look at what Michael Jackson
meant to everybody, all of us artists, producers,
actors, actresses, all of us, entertainment as a whole.
I don’t think that they took a deep enough look because
everyone is too busy with their head up their own butt.

When Michael was on trial, nobody…nobody stopped to go and support him at the trial.”


But I’m sure their hearts were just as broken as well
and my heart is broken. Moving forward with this business,
all I can say is that I’m happy that there is a time we
live in where we can kinda do things independently and
we don’t have to deal with the hypocrites as much, but
we are surrounded by hypocrites in this business.
It’s just a tragedy. I always wondered what it would
be like if something God forbid happened to Michael.
I don’t think I ever really wanted to feel it.

I just always kind of wondered like my goodness,
what would happen? Well, here we are. And so far
everything that’s happened is pretty much exactly
what I thought what was going to happen.”

THIS IS A POST FROM DEC 10,2009 (REPOST) It appears things are getting quite convaluted out there.

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