Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Its May 1992 " Deep Cover " Soundtrack was in the stores,
and the Dr. Dre Produced material that was Copyrighten to Sony
Records and Solar Ruthless Records had there attornies mail
letters that said Dre was signed to Ruthless and Sony's deal
with Dre was interfering with that. The Letters Also described
the violent means by which the releases were obtained, and
asked if Sony didnt think it strange that Eazy E recieved
nothing in return for releasing his artist.

"We told them that the releases were invalid" said Michael
Klein a scurity specialist hired by Jerry Heller. But they
then drew up a Deep Cover Contract.

We told Sony "Don't Put it out" but they did anyway.
" The whole Goal was to raid Rutheless Records asset's"

And while this may go on in the music business all the time
it doesnt make it lawful" Dre insisted that Eazy signed the
release papers becasue it was the right thing to do.
"Im not a gangster" he said. Rutheless included him in
the RICO claim it hoped to file against Suge, Solar and
Sony Music.

Through Wayne Smith, a partner at Gibson ,Dunn & Crutcher
Sony expressed their position: Dre was having a problem with
Eazy-E and Ruthless Records. Sony was interested in Signing
Dr. Dre. as a songwriter producer and artist. But Sony
didn't sign anything but a Publishing Deal because they felt
Dre wasn't free to enter any other agreement.

Sony's position was that they entered into Deals with
Dre believing that Dre was not prohibited from selling
publishing rights to his work as a freelance producer
due to a preexisiting contract with Ruthless Records.
If he was not free to do it Ruthless and Dre have a Breach
of Contract, said Smith. It turns out he did not have the
right to sell us what he sold us, then Ruthless had a breach
against Dre and Sony Has a breach of warranty against Dre.
But thats not a Rico suit or a conspiracy. According to Smith
Ruthless's attornies said the labels relatiuonship with Dre
was dead in December 1991. the Judge asked "Well if it was
dead in 1991, why are you complaining about anything that
happened in 1992?

They would reply " Holy Cow , we we just realized,
"Sony entered a Conspiracy in December 1991!"

This would be inserted in to the latest complaint!!!

They never thought we were going to sue said Ruthless
security specialist Michael Klein, they thought we would be
able to work something out, pay peanuts for what happened
and they would have Dr. Dre. was going to go with Sony
They had it all planned out...

They had the new Album scheduled to be released titled
The Chronic it was going to be a Sony release.
Not until we sued did they take it off the schedule
Then Sony said "this is getting alittle too deep for us
were going to have problems if we go ahead".
At that point Sony back out of the deal.

Griffey then gave Suge the ammunition he needed for a
take over. The Chronic was going to be a Death Row Records
release and Griffey had to go...Suge was now becoming the man.

The Rise and Fall of Death Row Records


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  1. This is some heavy stuff. A lot more interesting than that "MJ is dead" prattle. You might want to release a different anonymous blog just for this stuff. I would follow it. It would also help you sort out all the information involved. M-Doggy.