Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Letter from Michael Jackson written to John Branca.
Written and hand delivered February __2003.

”The estate has been hijacked by strangers,” Johnson said.
Oxman said even today, estate executors keep the Jackson
family out of the loop.”We have those people who Michael Jackson
said,‘You are no longer part of my life. You are not to have anything
to do with me ever again.’ They are the administrators of his estate,”
Oxman said.”
I think in the life of Michael Jackson, the rules of logic
and the rules of law just don’t seem to prevail,” he said.
Michael Jackson’s estate has reportedly earned nearly a
billion dollars since his death. Meanwhile, Johnson said she
doesn’t have money for the attorney she needs to fight the
injunction, but she’s not giving up.
“I just want to make sure we’re not going to hand over the farm
to bad guys who are going to exploit mr. Jackson in death the
way he was exploited in life,” she said.

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