Friday, February 25, 2011


A new controversy in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray:
This one centers around an attorney Murray wants to hire.
That attorney once worked for one of Michael Jackson's lawyers.
There was a court hearing on the case Thursday.

Lawyer Nareg Gourjian used to work with Mark Geragos.
Geragos defended Michael Jackson in the lead-up to the
pop star's trial on molestation charges.

The question for the judge in Murray's trial is
whether Gourjian might have confidential information
about Jackson that could now be turned around to defend Murray.

Both the judge and Geragos are concerned about a potential
conflict of interest.

"It's a very difficult situation. I love Nareg like a son.
He used to work for me. But my duty as a lawyer is to protect
my client, even after his death," said Geragos.

Geragos was joined in court by attorney Howard Weitzman,
who now represents the Jackson estate.

"I'm told that a conflict does exist.
If that's the case, then the judge will make a decision,
but we're not about to waive any conflict," said Weitzman.

The judge wondered out loud why, out of 51,000 attorneys
in Los Angeles County, Murray invited Gourjian to help
in his defense. The judge will hear from all attorneys
in chambers next week in a on camera exparte for this
matter. (This to be held behind chambers off record)
as neither party wanted to address publicly.

" This is a recipe for dissaster" Judge Michael Pastor
preached on the precendings today in the courtoom

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  1. Four gallons of propofol! That's enough to put the whole courtroom to sleep. This doctor is out of his f*****g mind or what? Notice how he remains eerily stoic and expressionless; he knows he screwed up. This
    doctor has betrayed the Hippocratic Oath; he is guilty as sin. However, Michael also had a huge responsibility in his own demise. Say no to drugs. The pharmaceutical and medicine industry are the biggest fraud.
    Nearly 800 thousand people die every year in the USA from iatrogenic disease (disease caused by medical treatment - Physician-induced) As the Christ was the most famous victim of crucifixion Michael Jackson is the
    most famous victim of iatrogenic diseases (I'm not implying any parallelism or likeness between MJ and the Christ other than what is
    explicitly said in this comment, if you have a problem with that; it's your problem) - Also, say no to the numerous MJ' s exploitation out
    there. Joe Jackson is still pursuing to launch a line of perfumes with a professional crook. See the sickening photos of Julian Rouas posing with MJ' s kids, Prince and Paris, to promote his stinking Jackson Tribute Perfumes: