Sunday, February 20, 2011


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Are the Oscars dead??

to those such as Banksy who fight the system and proves his work on the street... will he be a no show for the Big Oscar gathering next week?

Corporations like to control things (it’s in their nature), and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has a way of thinking, and acting, just like a corporation: as the once-a-year organizing police force of Hollywood pageantry and taste. Nevertheless, it still came as a bit of a shock when the Academy laid down the law to Banksy. He’s the super-secretive and mysterious outlaw wizard of street art, the infamous British graffiti prankster — and now filmmaker —

At the very least, he may be the most wanted man in show business. But the Academy doesn’t want him.

Exit Through the Gift Shop is one of the five pictures nominated for an Oscar this year in the Best Documentary category, and a couple of weeks ago, Banksy’s representatives put out a simple request to the Academy. They said that if Exit Through the Gift Shop won, Banksy would like to accept the award without having to reveal his identity.

The Oscars turned him down flat.

Said the Academy’s executive director, Bruce Davis: “The fun but disquieting scenario is that if the film wins and five guys in monkey masks come to the stage all saying,

‘I’m Banksy,’ who the hell do we give it to?” The organization’s executives think that they’re doing preemptive damage control, but what they’re really doing is blowing a rare opportunity.

Because a little dose of Banksy is exactly what Hollywood, and the Academy Awards, need.

Despite his film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" being nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary in this year's Academy Awards, people close to the film say the artist won't show up. If he does will he be in disquise word on the street possibly dressed as a monkeyman maybe 4- 5 of them all looking alike...He will steal the show.

"It's beautiful. Things people don't have the courage to do -- he's doing."



  1. Oh dear, I wasn't planning on shaking the monkeys out of their trees so early...but it's ok as it's for a good cause! Best of luck Banksy!


  2. I don´t know whether there is going to be a big ceremony for the Oscars next year but I do I will be able to see a similar gathering that is done in Argentina for celebrities there. I will be there next month and apparently they do this show that you can go see. Since i´m going to be staying in a hotel in downtown of buenos aires I´m sure I will be close so I´m going to stop by.