Sunday, June 26, 2011



JUNE 25th 2011


"You and I must make a pact.
We must bring salvation back.

Where there is love. I'll be there."



  1. I must be still dreaming...would someone please slap me and wake me up...damn..where is Michael?? He never left...

    Love and Light
    butterfly xx

  2. well the new owner does not mj pictures and that everywhere...she wants to sell her house, so that is why she has done this. but i would want to buy it more if the stuff was left there. anyway i would rather be at neverland than here......

  3. I guess the owner would be mad. She is trying to sell her house and probably going to find it difficult.
    I guess i would be mad also.

  4. Are you stupid?? You need to listen to how stupid you sound in your video. If you had a property which you owned, would you want it to be unsellable because of graffiti and shenanigans all around it. She pays taxes and bills on the house as long as it is empty... yeah, I'd be mad too and so would you be. Granted Michael died there, and you are engrossed in a hoax... but a property owner has her rights! And her own pespective on the situation. You are being very silly and giving all of us a bad name with your reaction. You need to pull back a little, and use your common sense. If Michael is not there any more, you need to stop your stalking of that house. Move on! And get a grip on reality.

  5. This video has nothing to do with the "hoax". Michael was renting this home. The owner has every right to do what she has done. Are you aware of HOW EXPENSIVE it is to OWN PROPERTY THERE?
    What exactly is your point? You mentioned what the property owner has done? Nothing has been done that any other property owner would do. Do you own property?
    I don't BELIEVE that Michael would approve of the fan's leaving stuff there after 2 year's. Neverland yes, because he owns it. He did not own this property. Honestly, at this point people are wasting their money leaving things for Michael, the guards through this stuff in the trash. Put your money to good use, help someone who is in need in honor of Michael Jackson. Now I do BELIEVE that he would approve of that. No disrespect to anyone one here. Let's do something positive in honor of Michael Jackson, whether he is alive or not. We may NEVER know. Regardless, there is a message greater than worshipping another human being...and I BELIEVE that is helping others.. LIVE PEOPLE STOP EXISTING! Listen to the lyric's in many of Michael's songs....he is speaking to YOU! Take action, in your lives do something positive. Blessings to all..with sincere love. Peace...