Tuesday, June 7, 2011


LLoyd's accuses AEG, the concert promoter, of withholding witness statements, and "other information necessary to determine AEG's entitlement to coverage under the policy," according to the lawsuit.

Lloyd's of London is suing the Michael Jackson Company and AEG over an insurance policy that was taken out for Michael Jackson's performances in London, which never happened due to the superstar’s sudden death.

Lloyd's wants the court to declare the contract void.

The insurance policy that was taken out on behalf of the former King of Pop for $17.5 million dollars, which Lloyd's doesn't think it would have to pay because it was never revealed to them that Jackson was taking prescription drugs and Propofol. Lloyd's contends it shouldn't have to pay the insurance policy because: "AEG and/or Jackson, knew but did not disclose that Jackson was taking prescription drugs and/or drugs prior to and at the time of his death, including Propofol," the court docs state.
During Testimony at prelimenary hearing the defence was able to bring in evidence of emails that were on murrays iphone.

This is what was tweeted regarding the insurance policy from the courts January 10th 2011

MJHOAXLIVE Again the email received Hi Conrad Bob Taylor Insurance broker regarding the upcoming tour and the Health of MJ via txt

MJHOAXLIVE The defence didn't elaborate on but the cancellation policy was denied..in the email found on Conrad Murrays iphone via txt

MJHOAXLIVE Apparently there were attachments from AEG in the email

and it was a cancelation policy via txt

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