Thursday, July 21, 2011


Coupling with Global Live Events LLP, the Jackson family will
attend a press conference to make a very special announcement.

The most anticipated live tribute concert of all time is happening!
This "spectacular thriller of an event" will benefit mainstream U.S.
and UK charities.

The press conference will take place Monday, July 25, at 10am PST in
Beverly Hills. In memory of Michael Jackson, this is sure to be one
of the most touching events of the decade.

Who do U think we'll see on that stage? (Perez Hilton)


  1. Either this announcement or the event itself will probably get delayed or cancelled. Seems to be the pattern with everything related to this death hoax and about the only thing you can count on.

  2. I agree with the post above; if nothing happens, then I'm going to assume that Michael has decided not to come back after all. He's probably had the chance to enjoy a private life, and I don't blame him.

  3. Yeah I agree too. I'm starting to think that yes he's alive but it would be too dangerous for him to return and all these other family members and peeps are just cashing in on his name. Hence the reason they are working very hard to keep the hoax going - $$$.

  4. I know we wont see my MJ for god sakes hes gone

  5. All these tribute concerts and remembering MJ gigs are great and all but it's just not the real thing. It's like trying to imitate Michelangelo's art. I hope he's happy where ever he is but the rest of us sure aren't. Guess that doesn't matter though :(

  6. I still believe in MJ and believe that he'll be back "in his time." He's a father of three children, I don't believe he'll stay away forever! He'll come back for his children.

  7. It's been mentioned that July 25, 2011, is possibly MJ's BAM! However, I feel it is very important to take a neutral stand when it comes to placing hopes on dates for MJ's return. Perhaps, I am wrong but if this is not a global event announcement that will affect the entire world, simultaneously, then, perhaps, we should not expect anything and just go with the flow. Whatever it is I hope to enjoy this "spectacular thriller event" in USA!

  8. My sister passed away a week ago from a three year battle with cancer. She knew about the possibility of him being alive and introduced me to the hoax. One of the last things she told me before she died was that she really wanted to see MJ before departing this world. I had been keeping her abreast of the news and events but I never got to tell her about this announcement before she passed. On a personal level, I never believed he was still alive because I don't think he would do this to his fans but I never told her that. I hope they are together now in heaven because if he were to return now it would absolutely devastate me that she just missed him and I'm not really sure how I would feel towards MJ. I'm sure my sister wasn't the only one who left this world with their wish unfulfilled and she probably won't be the last either. It's all just so sickly depressing. RIP Julie, I love you Sis.

  9. Sorry to hear about your sister, very sad. Don't worry, he won't return. If he did, he couldn't walk down the street without being kissed then slapped by all of his female fans. Eventually he would have to go back into hiding again for that reason alone.