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Originally posted Dec 29 2010 REPOST

I'm not going to sit here and litigate the truth
about what happened June 24th and June 25th, Walgren
called out to the defence.

The Prelim Hearing in the testing of the Syringe
in the Criminal Case of "The Death of Michael Jackson"

CASE # SAO73164 Criminal Courts Building
Welcome, are you hear for the Case of Michael Jackson?

The courts came to session on a cold dreary rainy
morning on the 30th of December in Downtown Los Angeles.
The halls were bare and stark as we were greeted by
security and ushered up to the 9th floor where again
we went through a 2nd security check.

Present Michael Flannagan (defence attorney for Dr.
Conrad Murray)who was not present and Judge Michael Pastor.
Upon following Flannagans argument Walgren cried out,

I'm not going to sit here and litigate the truth
about what happened June 24th and June 25th, Walgren
called out to the defence.

For the People Deputy Dist. Atty. David Walgren said the
defense appeared to be gearing up to argue that the second
syringe was used by the singer to administer propofol to

"I think it's clear they're operating under the theory that
the victim in this case, Michael Jackson, killed himself,"
he told the judge. "They don't want to say it.
They're tiptoeing around it."

There is 3 peices of evidence: 2 syringes and an IV
The 2nd syringe found on the floor by the bed has fingerprints
on it and they have no idea whose. There has been no testing.
were in this a year down the line.

"Who injected the propofol is the question here", said
Flannagan. We already have the Coroners lab that says they
can do the testing.

The quantaties are so limited the liguid samples have
degraded. One syringe is all dried up the 2nd syringe and
the IV has such little fluid we risk loosing all evidence
at the time if tested.

They might destroy the whole guantity of the evidence.

Today in closing things were so heated in the courtroom,
the people just about lost it as the judge finally blurted

" I am fully prepared to allow the testing to be done and
am not ordering it but allow it".

A preliminary hearing to determine whether there is
enough evidence for Murray's trial to go forward is
scheduled to begin Tuesday.


For the record, July 30, 1:25 p.m.: A previous version
of this post said both sides acknowledged that Exhibit 30
was the vessel for the fatal dose of propofol; but only
prosecutors have described it as such. A previous version
of this post also said Conrad's defense attorneys said
Jackson injected himself with a lethal amount of
propofol taken directly from the vial; they said he
injected himself with propofol from a syringe.]

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