Monday, August 29, 2011



Aug 29th 2011 @ Carolwood

I was getting ready to leave when
I turned and there was she was,
this little old lady.
Not sure how she arrived,
but there she was,
she just seem to appear,
she was standing there
with her three bags
all wrapped around her feet,
She was as cute as a button,
She didn't want me to get to close
she kept her face down

the bright blue shirt
and little pink handbag over her shoulder
oh and her could you miss it

"I'm here to see my baby, Michael
It's his birthday.

I think i see my baby now.

With that she left her bags
walked over to the men sitting
in the car at the front gate,
and shook the hand of the man
on the passengers side.

Thank you, she said. Thank you.


  1. Love him , in his any shape, any color, any looks , with all scars outside and inside, more and more and even more. <3 <3


  3. Michael, you always manage to cwack me up in your disguises!! Thank you, it made my day !! Fancy trying to be sugarbabe!! lol

  4. I don't quite know what to make of all this...could it have really been Michael? But why would he be at that house on his birthday?...I'm sure he would want to be with his children. I'm not saying it wasn't him; I'm just asking the questions no one seems to ask. WHY?....I'm not one to jump on a bandwagon unless I know where that wagon is taking me and right now until I find out where it's going...I'm staying put.

  5. Twiggy, did this person sound like Mj? Was she about his height? Did they have a mask on?

  6. Was the man in the car Mj ??

  7. Hello Twiggy! thank you very much for fotos and for what you do. So what about the voice of this person, and who was the man in the car?

  8. I hope and pray it is Michael...Just so that he is getting some rest from the media...and to know he would pull it off...I will probley never know..but I pray it is him and he found a way out......

  9. I believe its michael jackson. no matter what the media says. greatzz from holland

  10. hmmmm interesting .... that is strange smh ... why would the lady leave her bags 0__o

  11. The last place on the planet that Michael would go to hide is his old house be sure for that.

  12. I believe that's a geniuse place to hide, nobody would expect u to be there, love u Mj..

  13. Sounds like some obsessed/delusional fan to be honest.

  14. Twiggy tu sei fuori di testa!!! Ma vai a lavorare!!!

  15. Twiggy, I hope it was Michael. I heard he was in L.A this hole time! Imagine if he is still living in that house, nobody would know accept the people working there. The blonde chick that you taped before seems a bit strange.. maybe she rents the guest house or something. This whole thing is so confusing but I believe.

  16. If it was me and I saw that old lady I would had to jump her to see if it was Michael I just couldn't help myself! Its been to long in waiting for him to come back, I would had needed it to know, And if it was I hope he would understand and promise not to tell, And if it wasnt well I would be in jail for jumping a old women.

  17. Twiggy,

    Aw I see, you don't like construtive critism - Thank God for the BIG RED DELETE BUTTON huh?! I guess I struck a nerve with you, by telling you, that you are hunting for MJ and you are paparazzi like. The reason I come to this conclusion is beceause you deleted my comment. That is fine, I guess out of sight is out of mind for you, is that how you roll? Oh well so be it, you know what you are doing...

    Just me = )

  18. Always remember, Michael is/was a human being. Imagine being chased 24/7 and imagine being chased and hunted by his fans, enough is enough - again volunteer to one of the oragnizations that Michael supported.

    I know this will be deleted just as my previous post will also - however that is fine, but please be mindful in what you are doing. Michael never did anything to you! Love for another person is not as such - Leave him alone, if by chance he is alive let him live in peace, please don't disrupt his peace by you chaseing him for your own personal wants and needs! Food For Thought Twiggy!

    Just Me = )

  19. Hunting? More like keeping her eyes open. Rest assured, Michael's kept himself hidden this long, he won't be found unless he wants to be found.

  20. i see.. a man ..who seams michael.... i see the same clothes colors he always used in his life. i don't see nobody in window's pic... may the attention is on the ghost in the window...but i don't care... i'm watching the the man... i don't see a old woman... i see Michael... i'm crazy

  21. Twiggy,

    Thank you for not deleting my comment(s), its too bad my first one was deleted though.

    I do want to say THANK YOU for standing up for Michael's "injustice (s)", that he has endured for many many years. Maybe one day (?) ALL the people of the world will understand what he was put though. With that being said, it all takes time to unfold though, patience is the essence - "He Who Waits, Good Things Come To" - all in time things will happen, just try and be patient for the answers to be given and justice to be had. A baby is placed in a womb for 9 months, why? as it needs time to grow and develop for this world we live in, its fingers are forming, its lungs are developing and its mother is being prepared for its role in nurturing the child - The anticipation of its birth is exciting, however one does have to await for it!

    Bless You Twiggy!

    With Breath We Take, For Love We Give, With Eye's To See, For Life To Live...

    Just Me = )

  22. I'm just sorry I didn't speak up from before when it happened. I promised myself that if I could turn back time ... I would speak up. You know, you gotta have a voice.

    Michael did suffer yes, for many years. In fact, the entire Jackson family has. I think alot of people owe them a big apology. Stop judging them or anyone for that matter