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Could Pellicano be the one who will unravel this crazy
tangled up web!!!With Murdoch now going down ...Who's next....

Could Anthony be the man who could bring
Hollywood to its knees??

Before the convict was cooling his heels with more than 1,700 other inmates here in Big Spring, his milieu was the liposuctioned underbelly of Hollywood Babylon.

His job was to keep the lid on such indiscretions. He liked to boast that he lived by omerta, the Mafia code of silence.

“When you are my client, you become my family,” he says,
and his clan included Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Farrah Fawcett, Kevin Costner, Courtney Love, Chris Rock,
and ├╝ber-agent Michael Ovitz, just to name a few.
“That was the attitude I kept. I wasn’t really a P.I.
I was a problem solver. People came to me because
they had a problem. The government wanted me to
turn on them.”

And on he goes Pellicano reveals that when he agreed to work
for Jackson during the star’s 1993 child-molestation case,
he warned Jackson that he’d better not be guilty.
“I said, ‘You don’t have to worry about cops or lawyers.
If I find out anything, I will f--k you over.’ ”

But the most explosive find in Pellicano’s office was a
trove of thousands of transcripts and encrypted tapes of
phone conversations he’d illegally tapped. Pellicano had
designed a wiretapping program to intercept calls that
he dubbed Telesleuth. Aided by several phone-company
workers he employed, he installed taps in telephone junction
boxes and at the main switchboard that were then connected
via phone lines to the computers in Pellicano’s office and
remote laptops.

Ultimately, the feds’ investigation mushroomed into allegations
of bribery of law-enforcement officers, identity theft, and high-tech
eavesdropping. And as the case began to take on a life of its own,
Hollywood heavyweights were dragged into the mess, including
Pellicano clients Ovitz and Fields.

In May 2008, Pellicano was found guilty on 76 charges, including
wire fraud, racketeering, and wiretapping.

Three months later he was convicted alongside prominent lawyer
Terry N. Christensen for wiretapping the ex-wife of billionaire
Kirk Kerkorian during a bitter child-custody battle.

In all, close to a dozen people were charged in the FBI probe.
Pellicano received the harshest sentence: 15 years. Pellicano
says he landed the hefty prison term because of his refusal to
name names. “Up until the day of trial, [federal prosecutors]
tried to get me to talk,” he says. Dan Saunders, who prosecuted
Pellicano and is now a partner at Bingham McCutchen in Los
Angeles, sees it differently.

“Pellicano’s sentence was based not on any refusal to cooperate,
but on what the law and the trial judge deemed just punishment
for his many years of egregious criminal conduct.”

The disgraced detective still insists that none of his clients knew
anything about his wiretapping, in particular the high-powered
lawyers, like Fields, who employed him.

“I didn’t tell no one about the wiretapping,” he says.
“I didn’t trust lawyers: they had an obligation to tell on me.”

Pellicano is currently appealing his conviction, and if
he’s successful, he could be out by 2013, six years before his
eligible parole date. He’s pinning his hopes on an 86-page
appeals brief that accuses the government of misconduct,
misrepresentation, and constitutional violation.

Among other things, the brief charges that the agents’
search of his office was illegal. The U.S. Attorney’s Office has
until late September to respond to the brief.

In the meantime, Pellicano has 30 civil lawsuits hanging over
his head. Will Pellicano rat out anyone in the civil cases?

Don’t count on it, says his attorney and friend Steven Gruel.
“Everyone expected this to be the case that rocked Hollywood,
and it didn’t happen, and it didn’t bring in the great names they
hypothesized would happen,” the attorney says.

But is the time coming ...that will rock Hollywood...
Where Pellicano will tell all...

Remember ,Timing is everything!!!
The clock seems to be ticking

Alittle history on how far back Pellicano Bert Fields
Michael Jackson go...
What went wrong !!! Pellicano Fields and Weitzman

Photo Illustration by Jesse Lenz. Source photos: Courtesy
of Everett Colllection (poster); Steve Granitz / Wire-Image /
Getty Images (Nicole Kidman and Sly Stallone); Brendan Hoffman
/ Getty Images (Gary Shandling); Ocean-Corbis (microphone and headphones);
Westley Hargrave / Splash News (Anthony Pellicano)

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  1. I'm confused; is he going to spill the beans on the hoax, or is it something he has planned with Michael? If it's the former, I hope Michael beats him to the bunch and reveals himself.