Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Arnold Klein
Barrack connects P.Anscutz,Murray,Michael, Neverland Mortgage.
King of Baharain and is responsible for mj's death.

21 Nov

awkmd Arnold Klein
@RobLowe The Prince of Baharaine sold Michaels
music back to Barrack.
19 hours ago »

awkmd Arnold Klein
@RobLowe It appears Barrack hired the incompetent
Murray and not Michael.
19 hours ago »

awkmd Arnold Klein
@RobLowe are you not a close friend of Thomas Barrack.
Are you aware he held the mortgage on Neverland and
Murray's home 19 hours ago



  1. Neverland tenia una hipoteca? no sabia que estuviese hipitecado,

  2. hi, i guess i'm just surprised that Klein is meriting your investigative attention. do you actually believe what Klein says? isn't he merely copy/pasting from hoax forums? after saying MJ peed in cups and was addicted, after making such a ridiculous fuss over the green jacket, he's now on to weaving more tales to keep Demerol attention away from him. i hope he gets investigated next - by DEA.

    which music is he talking about that the Prince of Bahrain sold to Barrack? aren't MIJAC and Sony/ATV safely in the hands of the Estate, albeit under continuous refinancing? of course i could be wrong and MJ may have had other catalogs we didn't know about. or is he referring to the Katrina song? in any case, Klein sounds really desperate.