Sunday, November 6, 2011


This is Dr. Arnold Klein's story (or portion of)
What he is telling us via facebook and twitter.
whether he is telling the truth we will soon see
Arnold W. Klein

When they vilified me and released medical records
Homeland Security and US Attorney in LA did nothing.
Now I am beyond angry.How can the government
of the US allow my records on Mr Jackson to be
illegally released violating my civil rights.

Furthermore these are not even my records.
Then they create a media circus of my life so the
public can not see the truth. Then my will gets
illegally altered and the heirs changed without
a notary public. How and why this happened
you will soon learn.

Why the FBI,Police nor Homeland Security did not
react is the story of how greed runs America.

The truth will soon be in front of you
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Arnies facebook

Arnold W. Klein

Colony Capital (CC) is seemingly linked
to everyone regarding Michael Jackson's last
few years on earth. We know that Tohme
worked for CC. We know that CC bought Neverland.
We know that Tom Barrack and William Bone own
Sunrise Colony, which holds the mortgage on Conrad
Murray's Las Vegas soon-to-be-foreclosed home
in the Red Rock Country Club.
We know that Tohme enlisted Tom Barrack
to not only buy the nearly defaulted loan on Neverland,
but we also know that Tom Barrack also enlisted
Randy Phillips and Phillip Anschutz of AEG to work
with Michael on the 02 concer.Tohme Tome got
Barrack to buy the Mortgage on Neverland.

Barrack sells mortgage to save his home
Anschutz demands 30 concerts and gets the incompetent
Murray from Barrack.

Anschuts saw in Michael a great potential in his value
dead or alive, maybe even more value is he were.....

Arnold W. Klein

Arnold Klien goes off on twitter about Michael Jackson
awkmd Arnold Klein
you the fans will have the truth....
I know the entire awful tale
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awkmd Arnold Klein
MJ lived with me since 1986...
the story cannot be told here
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awkmd Arnold Klein
The truth will soon be in front of you.
Phillip Anschutz I know the tale!
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  1. So Arnie is saying Mj is dead ? I don't know that he wld know if he is or not, what do u think ???

  2. It is certainly bringing all the culprits out to tear flesh off each other. Maybe here is where Micheal's wisdom was in his plans. They are all liars, truth is not been discussed in court, even the victim is Joseph not Joe, as repeated so many times by the Happy Judge. Be very careful you liars, truth always wins.

  3. The trial is just the beginning of this terrible nightmare.. its not finished yet, its just beginning..