Thursday, April 26, 2012


This mask could be the thing that blows this whole
thing wide open! Why... because of the DNA on it
the strand of hair, the make up, the saliva
This is the mask that was worn the night before
June 25, 2009.


Where did you come from?
Who hired you. You weren't one of them.
You have not kept your loyalty to Michael Jackson.

You were brought in to watch after Michael
one week before June 25, 2009.
There were alot of problems with you
with the fans.

Fans were complaining about you.
Your the guy with the silver truck
whose truck was parked outside Carolwood
Months following June 25, 2009.

You caused so much of a stir at that house
that fans would stay late to let Michael
know of this and it came to where he
it was so out of hand Michael had to talk with
you personally telling you if it didn't stop
you would be out.

Who hired you?

And why are you selling this mask!!!

The black surgical mask Michael Jackson was
often seen wearing when he was alive is up for
auction, and already a hot commodity on the market

Contributed by Jackson’s former personal bodyguard,
Eric Muhammad, who signed a certificate stating the
pop icon wore it the day before he died, the item is
being bid on through auctioneer Nate D. Sanders,
and already has stacked up more
than $21,000 through seven bidders alone.
You had tried to sell this a few years back
and you waited til now.

all videos of you have been taken down and
News of the world which originally reported
this is now closed.

News of the World, a U.K. tabloid, obtained footage of
the bodyguard, Eric Muhammad, as he secretly demanded
$150,000 for the mask in an apparent set-up.
The tabloid was tipped off by an LA businessman, after he’d
been approached by Muhammad to negotiate purchase of the
legendary icon’s mask. News of the World sent in a
replacement who pretended to be the ‘customer’ and
a deal was made.

Described as “the mask that covered the singer's nose and
mouth” during his final rehearsal for comeback tour,
“This Is It,” the silk guise is said to have been tailored
for Jackson and shows “visible traces of his makeup.”

Additionally, the auction site notes, “a single dark
strand of Jackson's hair accompanies the mask.”
Bidding for the musician’s relict ends April 30.

Jackson’s estate would not receive profits from the trade.
The pop star passed away on June 25, 2009,
and there have previously been other auctions and
exhibitions showcasing his remaining artifacts.

So again I ASK who placed you inside to work
with Michael? Your name was never mentioned at the
trial as being one of the guards that were hired...
so who was it.

TMZ posted the above picture but the date is 2003
coiuld that date be an insight to something that could
unlock the mystery surrounding jacksons death???

Could this tell us what we have looked for
for almost three years.



  1. Why do all roads lead back to MJ's DNA??
    Is this a warning of something brewing related to pilfering our DNA?

  2. The TROOT will prevail!!!!!

  3. I just want everyone who sees this website to know that Michael Jackson is sadly not alive. I am one of the many people that believed that he was still alive, not because I didn't want to believe it but because of all of the strange things surrounding his death. We have all been lead to believe by all of these people , Twiggy and Pearl junior all of the hoax website that Michael could and in some cases is still alive.
    I have more information to find out in the coming weeks about Michael's death and how it all happened but Michael is not alive I'm sad to say. his body has not been buried but frozen as the family didnt want anyone trying to take his body and the Morselium is only a Memorial to him it does not and never did house his body hense his name never being place there. I'm telling people this as thereare so many that are waiting for Michael to come back and I feel there are people that keep this going for there own means.

    Love and sunshine

    1. Um...Bullshit! IDK if he will ever return but he his very much ALIVE! I always believe in my gut is never wrong!! I will never stop believing! I am a BELIEVER!!



    2. You just might be taken more seriously if you use a dictionary.

  4. in reply to the person above, where do you get your information from please...

    1. They don't have information = attention seeker.

  5. I don't know if he is alive, but, if he is, then I wish him peace. He spent his whole life under public scrutiny and deserves to live his life in peace.
    Some days I think he has sadly left us but then I think about all the strange stuff going on in the courtroom. Elephants, pink cats etc, what???
    Love you Michael. x

  6. Twiggy, seriously, now what do YOU think??? Surely you aint playing us all along after all this time?? Then again, Michael is one helluva Joker :D

    1. Yeah of course she is. Pearl(the self appointed insider) is even worse!

  7. Of course they are playing us along, just like the Jackson brothers.It is financially beneficial for them to do so, wake up people.

  8. I am not in this for games nor am i here to ammuse you or anyone else including myself. I would have been out of this along time ago but something inside my gut along with various factors that weigh into this tell me MJ is not dead. There is just too much that isn't right that far outweighs everything else. I am starting to think we may never see him again,
    this could play out for years on one never knows just what might happen but thats the beauty of the suspense and mystery..I have always thought the estate was out for the money surely nothing else. Twiggy

  9. Twiggy, that is all well and good but gut feelings are not fact. You and Pearl seem to have an agenda of your own, especially Pearl who gleans all her "exclusive" info. from forums and presents them with a nod and a wink as though they are facts given only to her. Please stop digging and let Michael rest in peace, wherever he is.