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Posted Feb 22nd 2010 7:30PM by TMZ Staff
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The company that sued Michael Jackson for allegedly
torpedoing a family concert has just filed a $300,000,000
creditor's claim against MJ's estate.

AllGood Entertainment claims it had a deal with Jackson
to put on a Jackson family concert and alleges the deal
was broken when Jackson committed to the London series
of concerts. In the $300,000,000 federal lawsuit filed
in October 2009, AllGood was asking for profits from
"This Is It" along with revenues from the Sony catalog.

AllGood claims Michael Jackson and his agent, Frank Dileo,
"secretly teamed up with AEG [Live] to produce a concert
or series of concerts in London."

AllGood Entertainment filed the claim Friday.

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AllGood Entertainment moves ahead with Michael Jackson lawsuit
Fri, Jun 12th 2009 11:04 am EST

By Allison Reitz

Even after signing into the 50-date residency with
AEG Live, the suit alleges that Jackson personally reassured his interest in working with AllGood Entertainment upon completing his time in London.

However, "When pressed to commit on a date, Jackson and Dileo both reneged," said AllGood's attorney
Ira Meyerowitz,of the New York-based law firm Meyerowitz Jekielek PLLC, in a statement.

"This is a case where the little guy followed the rules and was pushed aside by industry giants AEG and the Jacksons for the promise of bigger money and movies," Meyerowitz continued.

AllGood Entertainment moves ahead with Michael Jackson lawsuit TicketNews

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