Friday, November 13, 2009


“Michael Jackson Terminated Branca as his Attorney
on February 3, 2003. Michael Jackson terminated
John Branca as his attorney on February 3, 2003,
in a written termination letter. (Exhibit “A”).
Michael Jackson instructed Branca in writing to
resign from all positions he had in Michael
Jackson’s personal and business life . Branca
failed to follow Michael Ja ckson’s instructions,
but still remains obligated to comply with those
instructions and resign as Executor.

“On February 3, 2003, Michael Jackson instructed Branca
to turn over to his new attorneys all records, files,
and papers dealing with his personal and business life.
While Branca turned over his other files, Branca secretly
refused to turn over the purported July 7, 2002, Will,
and March 2002, Trust. In violation of his fiduciary duties,
Branca concealed the Will and concealed his refusal to
resign as Executor. Branca’s concealment of the Will and
failure to resign continued for many years despite Michael
Jackson’s numerous demands Branca turn over all documents
and resign from all positions. Branca’s conduct is an ethical
violation this Court should not permit.

“Michael Jackson Terminated John Branca because of Embezzlement.
In 2003, Michael Jackson launched an investigation into Branca’s
embezzlement activities regarding Michel Jackson’s money.

The investigators, the firm of Interfor in New York,
reported in February, March, and with a final report on
April 15, 2003, there was an improper relationship between
Tommy Mattola and John Branca whereby Branca and Matolla
were illegally funneling Michael Jackson’s money to off-shore
accounts in the Caribbean. (Exhibit “B”).

The Interfor Report caused Michael Jackson great anger,
and Michael Jackson demanded Branca never have anything
to do with him, his business, his family, or his personal
life again. Michael Jackson terminated John Branca because
of his belief that Branca had committed crimes against him.
Branca never accounted to Michael Jackson regarding his conduct,
nor disclosed his books and records to Michael Jackson.

“Whether it was true or false that Branca had embezzled money
[from] Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson’s belief that it
occurred was the basis for Branca’s termination, and Branca
never complied with Michael Jackson’s demands he account and resign.

A conflicts [sic] of interest exists between John Branca
and the Estate of Michael Jackson. It would be grossly
negligent for any Executor of the Estate of Michael
Jackson to ignore the investigator’s report concerning Branca.

However, Branca has undertaken no investigation of his
own financial transactions with Michael Jackson,
nor will he do so because of his conflicts of interest.
He has willfully concealed from this Court the reasons
for his termination, and he has willfully concealed form
the Court Michael Jackson’s belief that Branca’s embezzled money….

“Michael Jackson was not in Los Angeles on July 7, 2002.
On July 7, 2002, Michael Jackson was in New York City,
and he was not in Los Angeles at 5:00 p.m. to sign the
purported Will as the Will recites. Branca and McClain
have concealed form this Court the material fact that
Michael Jackson did not sign the purported July 7, 2002,
Will as they have claimed repeatedly under penalty of perjury.

Their concealment of this information [from] the Court
is a fraud on the Court and disqualifies them form being
Executors of the Estate […] McClain had a duty to inform
the Court Michael Jackson was not in Los Angeles on July 7, 2002.
They concealed that fact from this Court.

Branca and McClain have violated their fiduciary
duties by testifying under penalty of perjury
on at least seventeen (17) times the purported
July 7, 2002, Will was correct.”

Judge Beckloff threw this entire document out,
along with all the compelling evidence as to its veracity.

He didn’t consider it at all;
apparently not even giving it a second thought.

By Dr. Firpo Carr
Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper
November 12 - 18, 2009
Article / Column

Judge Beckloff threw this entire document out,
along with all the compelling evidence as to its veracity.



  2. Could you please post any sources/links for that Branca-Mottola thing? Thank you.

  3. Ok, found it myself :)

  4. So why is he still over Michael's estate? This is totally freakin disgraceful and unethical.

  5. OMG - They just got paid! 10% of 500 mil and growing. You do the math. What a crock of bull.

  6. Michael Jackson's legal and well-documented name (passport, FBI files, trial records, etc)in Michael JOE Jackson. For this very reason, the will should be considered invalid. If Michael Jackson hoaxed his death then this business about the will is something is well aware of. It is no accident that the Will is in the name of Michael Joseph Jackson. Why that is is a matter of conjecture and this should be discussed.