Wednesday, November 4, 2009


On Tuesday October 6 Michael Jackson Sightings
received this email ..........

**_I saw Michael Jackson in the Miami Airport **

I've looked for some place where I can tell what I saw.
I'm in the U.S Air Force. I was on leave back home in
Miami, Fl. On Sept 30 I was in the Miami Airport getting
ready to fly back to Langley Air Force Base in Hampton,
Virginia where I'm stationed. I was standing around replying
to a text message. When this group on men came storming

I didn't know what was going on I started running towards
them and I could see a man in the middle of the crowd with
a white fedora, a black satin surgical mask Michael Jackson.

People were yelling Michael. And I started yelling Michael,
Michael as well. I heard some lady say Oh My God he is alive.
They were darting through they went outside. I had tears in
my eyes because I knew it was him. I'm a huge fan and I
would never make this up and give false hope to anyone.

Please believe me I saw Michael Jackson._**
We were amazed but we were floored by the
News of the World article that backed it up .....
**_Michael Jackson at the Miami Airport !!!!


  1. Если этот парень обмана,
      Бог ему судья, но если не обманывают, это делает меня счастливым!

  2. Michael Jackson is alive and may return in June 2010.

  3. I'm a believer as well but don't you guys think that Miami airport is a little too much busy? If u were him would u get to miami airport given that u're supposed te b dead?