Saturday, November 21, 2009


Branca and McClain were grossly negligent in their
statements to the court. They have concealed material
information from the court. They have conducted themselves
in a fraudulent deceptive manner where their veracity can
no longer be trusted.

Furthermore Michael Jackson terminated John Branca in writing
as his attorney on February 3 2003 (Exhibit B) He instructed Branca
to resign from all positions in his personal and business life. However,
unknown to Michael Jackson, Branca failed to follow his instructions
regarding any purported will.

Nevertheless, Branca remains obligated to comply with those
instructions and resign as Executor.

On February 3, 2003 Michael Jackson instructed Branca to turn
over to his new attorneys all records, files and papers dealing
with the personal and Business life. While Branca turned over
his other files Branca secretly refused to turn over the purported
July 7. 2002 Will and March 2002 Trust.

In violation of his fiduciary duties, Branca concealed the purported
will and concealed his refusal to resign. Branca's secret concealment
of the purported Will and failure to resign continued for six (6) years
despite Michael Jackson numerous demands Branca turn over all
documents and resign from all positions.

It wasn't until July 1, 2009, that Branca produced the previously
concealed Will which he had intentionally concealed for six (6) years.

The courts should not permit this unethical violation.
Michael Jackson Terminated Branca because of Embezzlement.

In 2003, Michael Jackson launched an investigation into Branca
embezzlement activities regarding Michael Jacksons money.
The investigators, the firm of INTERFOR in New York, reported
in February , March with a final report on April 15, 2003 there
was an improper relationship between Sony Executive Tommy
Mottola and John Branca whereby Branca and Motolla were
illegally funneling Michael Jackson's money to off shore accounts
in the Caribbean. (Exhibit C)

INTERFOR REPORT: The Interfor Report caused Michael
Jackson great anger and Michael Jackson demanded Branca
never have anything to do with him his business his family
or his personal life again.



  2. Branca is an asshole.

  3. I dont get it why cant just piss off ,Sorry but I do beLIEve Micheal is alive to me it seems he is trying to find out who is loyal to him becouse off assholes Mike had to go into hiding sorry this is what I beLIEve

  4. It seems plausible that Michael faked his death with the cooperation of the LAPD in order to bring these Mafia connected criminals to justice. Both Motolla and Branca have inserted themselves into Michael's affairs since his "death." Branca as co-executor of the Estate and Motolla: the self-perported controller of Michael's unreleased music. I believe that the Mafia was involved in the molestation charges and forced Michael to fake his death because he was in danger from them..particularly since he was acquitted. I think it also had a lot to do with money and the recently come to light information regarding Branca's embezelling Michael's money. I think it is plausible that Michael is seriously disguised and living his life in private, heavily guarded of course. I believe that on the day of the "death," he escaped and went to a safe place. I also think it is plausible that Michael is acting behind the scenes and continuing his creative and family life, and that once these criminals are brought to justice he will reveal himself.(the BAM). If all of this is true, then it's no wonder that the LAPD is taking so long to investigate. I don't know why Branca is fighting Joe on his trying to legally obtain Michael's medical records from UCLA, but this has to figure in somehow. This is of course just one theory. No one on the outside knows the complete truth. I do, however, believe 100% that he is alive.

  5. Brance was fired in 2003 btu was rehired by Michael just 3 weeks before his "death". There are documents to prove this. Apparently the fact that he did not hand over the will does not mean he is not the executor since he is the one named in it (and it doesn't seem odd since Michael never made a new one, if he did then where is it? The previous one had the same executors only left Blanket out from the will, otherwise idetical with this one).

    The molestation cases were probably not by the mafia, since Michael have a very close friend in the Mafia (apparently a quite powerful one) who seems to be helping him. I recall someone proved the whole case started from trying to get Neverland (Tom Sneddon wanted it or someone close to him, apparently he is not part of the Mafia).

    The LAPD is slow because they are the police (sorry but that's true internationally).

    The revokation of the will is unnesecarry, if you read it through you can see that Michael left money on his kids, on his mother, some nephews and on charities (mainly helping children) and Branca doesn't get anything (nor is there anything suspicious). It's no surprise Joe will not ge money, he cannot prove he got any while Micael was alive nor that he promised to care about him even in the afterlife and the will left him nothing (the previous one didn't either).

    It's better if Joe doesn't get the medical files, he would make them public, also the main reason he doesn't get it is because it has nothing to do with his allowance and that's why he asked for them. He will have a chanse to get them once he needs them (for real reasons and not for money) and when the case is closed. It would be damaging at the moment if it went ublic. Once LAPD closes the case he may get it.

  6. Why do you think it would be damaging if the records were made public? Just asking, because I am interested in hearing others' thoughts on this. If Michael is not dead, then there are no records, and if he is dead what could there be that the public doesn't already know. My hope is that if the request for the records is granted then it could prove once and for all that MJ is not dead. The drawback, of course, is that if MJ is not ready to come back, or if he is in protective custody, then his cover would be blown prematurely and that would not be good. But it also crossed my mind that Joe's request for the medical records could be the beginning of The Reveal. Thoughts?

  7. Why would Joe need it (he asked for them for his allowance case)? He just wants money from it (he never really cared about any of his kids).

    If he is dead, then it was murder, exposing the files might influence the potential jury members and that will let Muray get away.

    If he is alive then he needs a more complex way to come back. Simply put, coming back like this would bring a lot of trouble for him including loosing fans, getting sued by them, and non fans too and the media suing too etc. Not good. If he is coming back he needs to do it that way so the faulty people are others, he comes out a victim (and he would still have problems, which makes you wonder if it's even worth it for him).

    If he is alive but never wanted to come back then it's damaging because it will prove that it's not him in there, the records will not match (or not perfectly match) with the old records. This will expose him and eventually get him in trouble maybe even in jail (not for faking his death but for other things, as well as loosing fans, carrier etc.)

    So coming back actually always brings him trouble, the difference is only in the ammount of trouble.

    If he never comes back he benefits more. Making a hoax like this really only needs 10-15 people (included those who will have no role only needs to know he is ok). And an a real life + an Oscar is really worth it, right? ;)

  8. Court transcript May 13, 2005. Answers by witness David LeGrand.


    Q. As far as the John Branca and Tommy Motolla investigation by Interfor, Interfor never found any evidence that Mr. Motolla or Mr. Branca were engaged in any fraud with Mr. Jackson, did they?
    A. That’s correct. I had no evidence delivered with that report to substantiate those claims.

    Q. And in fact, that report only indicate that Sony was depositing money in some offshore account, apparently for Mr. -- on Mr. Jackson’s behalf, true?
    A. I’m not sure about the “Mr. Jackson’s behalf.” I would need to see the report.

    Q. Okay. But you have no reason to believe that any funds transferred to an offshore account by Sony, you have no reason to believe that those funds were somehow defrauding Mr. Jackson?
    A. I was given no credible evidence to support those charges. I would be doing Mr. Branca and Mr. Motolla a great wrong if I said otherwise.