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What Really Happened to Michael Jackson?
You may not be ready for the answer
By Dr. Firpo Carr Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper
November 5 - 11, 2009

Please be advised that this article is going to cause
more questions than it answers. Regrettably, you probably
should prepare yourself for more frustration as you yearn
to find out who exactly is responsible for the death of
Michael Joseph Jackson. If I've learned nothing else from
all that I know (or think I know), it's this:

Few things are as they seem. That's right.

The "obvious" isn't so "obvious" after all. There are so
many twists and turns in this plot that it rigorously tests
your sanity. The entire affair is deeply shroud of mystery
and the puppet masters are well hidden behind the cloak of

But are these masters of illusion responsible for the death
of the King of Pop? Why are they so clandestine in their actions?
Do they have something to hide? The obvious answer is yes,
they're concealing something. And why are they concealing
this something? Prepare yourself to enter a multidimensional
array of mind-boggling mazes and lurid labyrinths where good
guys and bad guys swap roles as they evoke disillusionment
and heartbreak. Believe me, if you knew just some of the details
it would make you want to take your marbles and go home.
Here's what I mean.

In the past week I have learned things that virtually
nullify major components of the articles I have written
thus far about who may in fact be directly responsible
for the death of Michael Jackson. I've encountered
shockers that rocked my foundations. This resulted in
an abrupt, unceremonious paradigm shift. Here's the
first shocker: It may not be Dr. Conrad Murray who had
anything to do with Michael's death. Process that.
Now, I know you need time to recover from this reality,
but, here comes the next shocker: AEG and Dr. Tohme Tohme
may not be silent culprits in Michael's death. Oh, I have
it on good authority that they drove him relentlessly.
Some say they even mistreated him so as to get a major payday.
But, kill the King of Pop (really, the King Of All Music!)?
Not likely, based on new information I've been made privy to,
but am not at liberty to share at this time. Anyway you look
at it you come to the stark realization that there are more
plot twists in this entire ordeal than in an Agatha
Christie novel.

I've asked myself how I could be so wrong on these points.
The information I received was from highly reputable sources.
It was solid. I'm in the loop. Oh yes, the information was
confusing and even conflicting at times. Let me illustrate:
The stock in a multibillion dollar company has suddenly
and unexpectedly suffered a dramatic devaluation.

An emergency board of directors meeting is called
by the CEO.Both senior vice-presidents cut short
their vacations and fly in right away. The meeting
lasts five grueling hours. Because of your position
as editor for the company paper you have access to
both senior vice-presidents. One gives you the scoop
as to what happened in the meeting. You go with that
and publish it in the company's paper. The next day,
the other senior vice-president gives you conflicting
information. So, you go with that in the next issue.
A week later, the CEO gives you yet a third version
of what transpired in the meeting. Though reluctant,
you submit an article based on his take to the paper.
Finally, the shareholders themselves send you their version,
and it doesn't jibe with any of the three previous ones!

Why were all the versions different? New facts arouse,
even though it was determined at the time that all the
facts were in. These altered previously held conclusions
thought to be fixed in stone. This scenario is not at
all too dissimilar from what is going on in Michael
Jackson's death investigation.

This is why it's taking the police so long!

To put this entire matter in perspective,the spine
tinglingintrigue surrounding the death investigation
of the Gloved One rivals the bold brazen assassination
of President John F. Kennedy 46 years ago. That happened
in broad daylight while the entire world watched!
Now, compare that with the death of Michael Jackson,
who died in the secluded confines of a bedroom, completely
out of the sight of earth's population of nearly seven billion
people. I'm not exaggerating when I say the deeper you
dig in this whole mess, the more convoluted the details become.
The closer you look at the puzzle, the more confused you become.
And then there are the details you wish you had not uncovered,
which brings me to my next point.

Other factors come into play that are so often left unconsidered.
For example, what if the complete truth is something most of us
really can't handle? What if the truth isn't and wasn't meant
for public consumption? Don't get me wrong. I'll always speak
truth as I understand it. Don't conclude, though, that I'll tell
all truths. And, yes, certain truths aren't, in fact, meant to be
told. For example, it may be true that my daughter is experiencing
her monthly cycle, but that's probably not something I'm likely to
alert the world to. Still, you shouldn't conclude from this that I'll
ever withhold greater truths as these present a more accurate picture
of matters. This will especially be the case if the presentation of
said truths readily shapes a distressingly distorted representation
of the "facts."

The bottom line is this:
Some things are better left unsaid.
Some efforts better left abandoned.
Some mysteries better left unsolved.
Even with having said all this,
there may well be explosive,
even monumental developments on the horizon.

The message I'll leave you with is this,
Michael Jackson was one of the most loving,
generous souls to ever enter our consciousness.
He was a beautiful man. And, without a doubt,
he deserved far better than what he got.
That's the tragedy of it all.

But, not to worry, God sees all.

Any wrong done will be righted in God's own inimitable way.
And as for Michael's magnanimous actions, well, he can now
rest from all his labors of love. And we can rest assured
that he will be rewarded for all the wonderful works he has done.
(Rev. 14:13) Peace and blessings. Amen.
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