Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Oct. 6, 2010 Mr. Joseph Jackson's Court Appeal

"I must beg this court's forgiveness. I must beg the probate
court's forgiveness. The magic words 'wrongful death' did not
pass my lips," Oxman said.

On a cold dreary rainy afternoon in Downtown LA October 6th,
the court came to session shortly after 1:30pm PST.

Everyone gathered upon clearing security and then were
ushered into a large courtroom that was greeted by staff
and a sheriff standing at the top of the podium where the
judges would walk in and be seated .He stood awaiting the
knock, the knock came at the side door , the door opened,
All Rise , and in walked 5 judges.

Behind closed doors, strict security measures, no cell phones
allowed, the court was now in session where a small group of
about 7 reporters including myself would be privy to hearing
the plea to the courts, arguments by attorney Brian Oxman,
who represents Joe Jackson, were heard by a three-judge
panel of the California Second District Court of Appeal 's
court in the Dowtown Ronald Reagan State Building.

Joe Jackson has appealed a probate court's dismissal of his
objections to the appointment of attorney John Branca and
music executive as well as family friend John McClain to
oversee the pop singer's estate.

Judge Beckloff had ruled in November that the Mr. Joe
Jackson did not have standing to intervene in the case and
was not entitled to an evidentiary hearing to contest the

Associate Justice Laurie D. Zelon asked why Joe Jackson had
withdrawn a petition to receive a monthly stipend from the
estate before the probate court had a chance to rule on the

Oxman said the petition had seemed duplicative after Joe
Jackson filed a wrongful death lawsuit in June against a doctor
who has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the
death of the pop star.

His client "was placed in the intolerable position of paying for
the wrongful death proceeding himself, which would cost him
hundreds of thousands of dollars,' Oxman's court papers state.
Zelon also noted that Oxman hadn't told the probate court
that his client was considering the wrongful death lawsuit.
" It was a suprise the wrongful death suit " Oxman declared.

Attorney Howard Weitzman, who represents the estate,
countered that pursuing the stipend petition would allow
Joe Jackson to be questioned under oath about various other
matters. I think Judge Beckloff gave Mr. Oxman every opportunity
to give sufficient offers of proof,' said Howard Weitzman, attorney
for Branca and McClain.
Mr. Joe Jackson did not want to be accused.
"They just don't like him your honor." explained Mr. Oxman
regarding the Estate and Mr. Joseph Jackson."
They never allowed him to bring in the evidence and as
Mr. Oxman gracefully put it "We dont know all the evidence
at this point" .

The personal damage to Mr. Joseph Jackson
for his life was in Michael Jackson's death.
The appeals panel did not issue a ruling but did question the
legal steps Joe Jackson had taken after being left out of his son's
will and whether the moves warranted revisiting the challenge
to the administrators.


  1. So Joe Jackson didn't want to be put under the microscope "about various other matters" ?? What has he got to hide? Surely Michael would have named him in his Will if it was his desire?

    1. The Will Was Straight Out Forged. Michael was in NY @ Madison Squate Garden via You Yube that very day the Will Was forged from L.A. Which is Dinosaur News You Missed.