Thursday, October 21, 2010


November 10th 2009 Billie Jeans Back
These pictures of Billy Jean Jackson were taken the
day she stood up in the courts to contest the will
w/shopping cart and all , Judge Mitchell Beckloff :

" Your honor , John Branca and John McClain are not
Michael Jackson's Attornies and everyone knows it".

The opening line of the lawsuit reads:
They never ever respected him and have always
caused harm and done unscrupulous acts in court to
seperate Michael's family, and now they have stolen
his estate while "robin hood" has mocked us in court."

A Los Angeles judge said Billie Jean was not
Michael Jackson’s lover – and now he is facing
the potential consequences.

A woman who says she’s Billie Jean Jackson is suing
Judge Mitchell Beckloff for discrimination, emotional
distress and prejudice, in a $600 million lawsuit filed
in LA Superior Court on Tuesday,
has learned. Judge Beckloff had previously thrown
out Billie Jean’s claims that she was married to the
pop star and is son Blanket’s birth mother.

But in the new lawsuit, Billie Jean, who is representing
herself, claimed Judge Beckloff failed to provide her the
chance to prove paternity through a DNA test.

“The loss has harmed the Plaintiff emotionally and physically
and has kept her from her son and their home while other
families remain free from stalkers and are afforded protection
of the Courts, her stalker, Lisa Marie Presley prevails."

Judge Beckloff is the presiding judge over Jackson's
multi-million estate.


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