Saturday, October 9, 2010


Kanye West - Runaway - Video FROM PARIS

The place to be PARIS FRANCE via txt

@cloclobelievers: Im Alive par Candy Tangerine via @AddThis I via txt

LennyKravitzParis..The Edge, Bono, @kanyewest and I. Photo: @candyTman via Twitter for iPhone

LennyKravitz Paris! Lenny. Film by @candyTman via Twitter for iPhone

Anyone in Paris going to the Screening @Kanyewest "Runaway" via txt

kanyewest A super small pic from Runaway.. Screening in paris in a few hours!!! I'm so excited to show my work in Paris via Twitpic Retweeted by you and 100+ others

Good nite Paris, France isn't the sun coming up for you!!! Let it shine... via txt

@CLOCLOBELIEVERS Yes, it is true.. via txt

cloclobelievers @MJHOAXLIVE soon via web in reply to MJHOAXLIVE

cloclobelievers @MJHOAXLIVE I am the leader of the family, the family is there and I am there no panic lol ;-) via web in reply to MJHOAXLIVE

Let the French invasion begin We are all one big happy family Lol...tristan where are you??? via txt

After the French invasion its time to rest.... lol you guys are too much...Merci... via txt

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