Sunday, October 3, 2010


Carolwood it's all the buzz...
Stranger things have happened here.

Everyone is trying to figure out just what happened
What happened here at Carolwood, June 25th, 2009.

The Late Home of Michael Jackson.

The 100 N. Carolwood sign that once sat on the
NW corner of Sunset/ Carolwood Intersection is now toast.
There was an accident, another one , someone ran it over.

The old Mailbox which the tourbus hit in early summer
was once the infamous mark where everyone stood to get
the picture, the picture of Michael Jackson rolling...
coming out of the Great Iron gates here at 100 N. Carolwood . The mailbox has now been replaced. Tourbus company paid for it.

Carolwood, it's all the buzz.

The message yesterday was Bonnie is here.
She's here infront of the drive, blocking a car
that is coming out ..

5:10pm on Saturday, Oct 2nd..

If I can get in, He will lead me and show me where to go
He will show me where everything is...she was convinced
to get in and find the messages. the clues that possibly
were left behind...

Those were her words. She went onto say
He posted notes messages on post-its...and placed them
in various locations in and around the house.
they are there to find. Only if I can get in.

One of the workers who i can't name that is
stationed outside the house said Bonnie Vent is here
do you know what that means??? that she is here??

Michael has sent her a message...

Various sources say this woman is well known for
her work in Paranormal Activity and has found missing children.
Her website From her website she states:

Being a "Spirit Advocate" I provide an active voice for spirits
on the other side. Delivering these messages also includes some
historic research to provide proof of the accuracy of the message
as well as action items to assist the spirit in finishing their projects
here with us. Providing tangible proof of "Life After Death" and
providing a bridge between their dimension and ours has become
my life's work. - Bonnie Vent

Michael hasn't let go yet, he's troubled, angered over
something... something that took place here at Carolwood,

June 25th, 2009.

I cannot relay much she asked that it might
jepoardize her work in what she is looking to do here.

L to R: Bonnie Vent, John and Linda (Star Maps)

NOTE: If i have misguided anyone I do not aim to. I believe.


  1. what is the purpose of promoting a scam (that's what this woman and any "psychic" like her) is.
    "Psychics" who advertise on themselves that much and provide "sessions" with dead celebrities are nothing but scams. this is the strongest, STRONGEST proof of money-grabbers and mind control.

    Real psychics don't do that. real psychics are rare.

  2. PS. And I was referring at other celebrities than Michael.Like Marylin Monroe or others that she claims to have contacted.
    Open your eyes and learn that in this world there are people who would make money out of plain stone.

    Michael Jackson is alive and well.
    I doubt he'd be talking to you..unless it is via email.
    You'd be higher up in my opinions if you dressed up as the genie from Aladdin and worked on Hollywood BLVD granting peoples wishes.
    Suck a f*@& and stop trying to get famous from brandishing Michael's name.Just another leech.

  4. Michael is alive and when he does return it will prove that these so called psychics are full of BS.

  5. If Bonnie is channeling Michael then he must be dead. If he is not dead then she is a phoney... what to believe? How can he be dead and you said he was speaking in Planet Hollywood yesterday?? Confused.

  6. We know that Michael is alive and that Bonnie is just out to make money.

  7. My Bonnie lies over the ocean. That's where her lies should be lying at. MJ isn't dead.

  8. Hi, so what is the update to this story? Did Bonnie get into the house? Are you going to tell us anything further regarding this event? Bonnie asked that you not mention anything more as it might jeopardize her work there....hmmmmm. You should be free to share with us so as to expose the truth! Why she was there that day....with the tourbus people no less.
    Love, Peace and Blessings.

  9. Idiots...ya don't have to be dead to have a spiritual connection with someone. You all just don't know how to channel your energy & use it on stupid crap like negativity. I believe in Bonnie!

  10. I am a psychic. I didn't know anything about Michael Jackson until he died. I had seen the BAD tour in Los Angeles and I appreciated his amazing talent, but I saw everyone else in the 80s too.

    After he died I definitely had some otherworldly contact. I gave readings for free to many who could have paid me... including people who were close to him (friends, musicians, etc.) I still don't know what happened but spirit wanted me to look into this person and his music and his message and his life. First I thought he was dead, then that he might have faked his death, but the bottom line is I really don't know. I have no regrets but I refuse to claim I know things about him or his family, if he is dead or alive any more because I am human, not GOD. You have NO IDEA how difficult it is to have things that you cannot explain scientifically happen to you regarding a person you never listened to or were a fan of and then to have to be a grief counselor or stop people from stalking him or his family who suffer from pathological celebrity worship syndrome....So don't think being psychic is easy or we're in it for the money. We are BORN with this.

    Although I have had to distance myself from the fans by moving to the desert, I found myself a couple of miles from Debbie Rowe. Although I have never seen "Captain EO" or the Immortal World Tour, I still experience things I can't explain regarding Michael Jackson.

    I would like to thank Twiggy for all her hard work as well as all the other fans and investigators because I know I am not alone in this. I would love to meet Bonnie Vent.

    Oh, by the way, I don't get my "news" from TMZ! And I am very glad I listened to Michael Jackson and now consider my self a fan as well.

  11. Bonnie- You did your best for Michael and for your research. I believe people shouldn't criticize unless they are in the arena. They are not in your arena so they shouldn't criticize. It is too easy to judge from the outside and people become real bold on the

    Keep up the good work.