Friday, December 9, 2011


Many of you know I have been following the Estate
of Michael Jackson. Early On I spoke of my concern's
and what appeared to be happening inside the Estate
of Michael Jackson.


I believe The Will of Michael Jackson plays
a big role in all of this. It all goes back
to the will & John Branca and they both appear to be invalid.

Dr. Arnold Klein is speaking up for the
very first time on the matter of John Branca
and the will.

Arnold Klein

branca's contract is invalid
20 hours ago via web

Klein states he was in NYC with
MJ and Al Sharpton on that infamous date July 7th 2002 the very day
that Michael was to be in LA signing his own will.

(Michael would be in Harlem that day speaking out
against Tommy Mottola)
Was the will forged? Has the Estate been hijacked?

Below is a portion of Dr. Kleins post on facebook
talking on the Will and How this makes Branca's Contract
non valid.!/notes/arnold-w-klein/skin-popping-propofol/335147169832152

skin popping Propofol

by Arnold W. Klein on Thursday,
December 8, 2011 at 10:52pm

Midway through his post Dr. Klein goes on to say...

Also by pointing the finger at me,
which Mrs Jackson did, no one ever wondered who hired
Murray or how Howard Weitzman and John Branca got
together with AEG totally to totally control the
Jackson estate.

You want to talk about the will?
How could Michael sign it when he was with me and Sharplon in NYC? i never saw any will or notary there.

Ask Miko Brando, he does not lie



  2. What's up with the sentence 'skin popping propofol'?

  3. One question. How many people does it take to unravel the truth? Go figure lol

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  5. interesting.
    it all makes sense.....
    they are all criminals
    Michael will have justice!!

  6. LOL arnie is just spilling the beans so that he can save his butt
    just like I thought. :)

  7. I’ve ALWAYS said that that contract was bullshit. Now they want more money from other sources as if they even deserve what they’ve been stealing all along. I hope that somebody comes out and just tells it like it is. I don’t care who it is. I am just so sick of Branca and McClain using their power and their pushy antics to get what they want at any cost. Michael never wanted them touching his stuff anymore. Why would people believe he chose them after the way he tried to manipulate his way into Michael’s business by lies and schemes to force everyone else out? I hope it is time for the truth to prevail and sue the shit out of them for what they already got by illegal means.