Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today at Carolwood, Mr. Weiss was the only 'paparazzi'
or photographer present beside myself when I arrived.
He was standing right at the front gate next to the
mailbox. The gate was closed at this time. The wreaths
that had been on the front gates for some time (2 of them)
were now down. The front gates were bare. The moving trucks
were inside and a few outside, TMZ had left and we were the
only people with cameras at Carolwood at that time. There "was"
a moving truck that was parked across the street on Carolwood.

Within minutes of my arrival this moving truck ended
up at the backside of Carolwood. I arrived close to 3:00pm PST

Weiss and MJ have had a close friendship in the past.
Weiss took the last photo of Michael in the ambulance.
The second Weiss noticed me taking his picture he shied
away from me with his face down got in his car that was
parked directly across from the gate where he had been
standing and grabbed what looked like a laptop opened
it and did something, It looked like a small laptop.
At that time, it seemed maybe a minute, time was standing
still i felt something was happening he seemed agitated
by my appearance AT that very moment out of nowhere
what was a very large "limo" probably the biggest I have
ever witnessed pulled around from the backside of Carolwood
making the grand turn there unto the front of Carolwood.
It came out from around the back It couldn't have made
that turn if that moving truck would have been there..
This whole thing had been timed, someone was watching...
Mr Weiss at that time took off very speedily racing down
the street like nothing i'd seen before.

This is just a fraction of what I witnessed today.

Being that this car was on premises, and that Mr Weiss was there as
well... same time ....He was known to be anywhere Michael appeared.


  1. Oh geez! U gotta tell us more. This is starting to get reeeeeeally interesting! Thank u for taking the time to investigate :)

    At what time was this?

    Be safe //Andréa

  2. Good job, guys...Tnx a lot.


  4. yes,did you get any pic?

  5. Michael Jackson sends message to fans – I am alive!

  6. lol lol - without Pictures? Nope! I dont belive it!

  7. I think the limo is owned by Mr. Audigier and not related to Michael, God Bless him.

  8. Que legal,acredito em voce,continue investigando.beijos

  9. Isn't it true that Mr. Audigier bought Michael's rented mansion?

  10. I believe Michael Jackson is alive!!!!!
    Photos do not need to give

  11. Why would Audigier buy Carolwood....Doesn't make any sense. the gentleman that currently owns the property Mr. Guez is the owner of Ed Hardy He is Audigier you tell me why would he need to purchase that property. Read my blog on ED HARDY/AUDIGIER then watch the video of Michael in the Ed Hardy Melrose store with his kids...there are 2 MJ's in that Video. Stop the video at 1:58 YOU WILL SEE 2 MJ's and this video was filmed right before everything happened....Coincidence???doubt it.

  12. Thanks, I was mixed up. Is it true that Mr, Audigier now owns Neverland?

    The video is excellent. Please see my comment under more Carolwood/MJ. Thank you!

  13. Who employs Mr. Weiss? Does he by any chance work for TMZ?

    leave your message to MJ

  15. Great work, great research!

  16. No it´s not true that Audigier bought Michael's rented mansion, Michael rented Audigier´s (Ed Hardy´s) mansion, which is Carolwood.