Thursday, September 3, 2009

Restaurant now...

Here now at Villa Sorriso and they are blasting MJ "Bad"
At first I thought they are playing
"Thriller" the opening of the song I had to add
(edit)this posting because I feel this is important!
Over the loud speaker of the Villa restaurant outside
they were blasting "Bad" for what seemed to be only a
minute or even less it was so loud it came out of the
restaurant unto the main speakers and carried over
across the street where all the cameras (Papparazi/media)
were...noone seemed to notice.. It was loud and totally
out of place. Now that I go back and think about it
there is some reason why this happened..Why did they
do did this? was it an accident right when the guest
and family were starting to arrive.
Could it have been the audio track running under the film and someone pushed the wrong button so it played
in stereo....

Not too much press only bout 40 cameras-
villa sorriso-

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated and for posting the pics. Look forward to hearing more about your adventures. Take care and keep safe.