Monday, September 14, 2009


I'm still trying to get my head around what happened
there that day at Carolwood....You don't understand,
Evenstad took the last picture of MJ that shocked the world.
Alot of people wonder and there's a lot of speculation
if that shot Is old?? if it really was Michael in the
Ambulance that day or was it one of his body doubles,
or possibly was the whole thing stagged and MJ hoaxed
his own death. MJ always played in illusions.

If you watch the Ed Hardy video posted here
from youTube titled "MJ and Kids shop Ed Hardy"
you will see 2 MJ's dressed identical in that video
It was a crazy day just weeks before everything happened.


It is NOT a mirror image.

If this case is still an open investigation and
I believe it is according to the LAPD
LAPD Blog: Michael Jackson Death Investigation Update

"The investigation into the death of Michael Jackson
is ongoing and will result in the case being presented
to the Los Angeles County District Attorney for filing
consideration. Until that time, LAPD detectives will
continue to meet and confer with District Attorney

Did they get all there evidence?...I don't know much
about Homicide investigations but I would think that
the premises would be sealed off. Has Murray ever
been arrested?? Thome?? has anyone been arrested??

I have other pictures that will be going up later today
CAROLWOOD MOVE PART 2 In those pics: a white bronco in
the back garage that had not been there earlier when TMZ
had been there..paintings that were brought out, along
with a bedcot (could this have been Murrays?) and some
wardrobe boxes that appeared to have clothing in them.
After I witnessed the limo etc in the front, around the
backside of Carolwood the gates finally opened the door
went up and they moved the remainder of what was Michael
Jackson's personal belongings out...

This is the day they drove MJ away
He was leaving Carolwood forever...

Weiss took the last photo of Michael going into the
ambulance "The shot seen all over the world" ,
Did Weiss know that Michael was going to be
at Carolwood that day, if indeed MJ is still alive!!


  1. I had thought Michael had died, but now, I'm not so sure. You are right, so much is not adding up. Ed Hardy video is illuminating to say the least.

    Do you think Michael might be under police protection (due to Tohme or other shady characters that had been in his life and had taken control.)?

    Although, very thin in the documentary trailer, he appears to be healthy, alert, a far cry for a man that the media deemed unwell. The day he died, paramedics apparently reported, "he looked like a frail, sickly old man." This is all over the Internet.

    Does Michael look like an old man in the movie trailer? No, he looks amazing, youthful for his almost 51 years of life.

  2. are the christmas decorations still on the gates??

  3. Have you noticed that one Michael points directly at the other's back?

  4. I looked at the video again and now believe it is a mirror image though a weird one!

  5. Okay, so I've looked at the video again, and I think there may be two Michaels. This is confusing. Look again at 1.57-2.03 and again at in the video. There appears to be a side door (or changing room?) behind a mannequin. Now, at about 2.50-2.52 there are two Michaels again and two security guards (but this may be due to a mirror effect?) The two are closer to a window and further apart. Interesting. Two Michaels again at about 2.57. This time it appears to be due to a mirror in the background. How many mirrors are in this store? Why two Michaels, but not two of every other person in the store? To be fair in one clip there appears to be two Princes. There should be two or more of everyone if the effect is simple one created by mirrors, but this is not the case.

    Watch again and stop at 1.56 and 1.57 (View the individual photos/frames in slow motion.), etc. Keep viewing after 1.57.