Friday, September 4, 2009

Outside Villa

We saw 'hat man' walk in very quickly but didn't see blonde lady with him....As we were leaving Prince and Paris were standing out front just kinda hanging out..

We saw Karen entering and said hello to her from across the street where the cameras and press was stationed, we also said hi to Brian Oxman :) Corey F. was there with his son? He greeted the crowd Did the Moon walk in front of the restaurant so all the paps that were stationed in front could see mind you upon arriving reaching in the car putting on his hat then turning with a little side step show. Chris Tucker came along to dinner as well in a gorgeous silver rolls, he looked very sad... People were dropped off in front and ushered in very quickly. From what we had heard The Jackson family hired there own photgrapher. He was stationed in the front entrance of the restaurant to photograph everyone entering and arriving. Apparently, they will be using this for some kind of DVD/movie footage. Could this be the footage for the infamous "THIS IS IT".

Jermaine got out and seemed to be smiling a little smile, as per usual. We did not see Katherine or Joe- but they might have slipped in another way?

The dog at Carolwood did not sound distressed at all, :)

it's a crazy crazy town up here,

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