Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Novel said he flew in March 2005, about a month into
Jackson's trial, from his home in New Orleans to the
Los Angeles home owned by Jackson's parents, where he
stayed several days before Jackson finally had him over
to Neverland Valley. He said the two of them met in a
bungalow on the property before Jackson drove him around
the ranch in an old pickup truck.

"The whole thing centered on Tommy Mottola
setting him up," Novel told me. "Mottola and him were at odds,
and Jackson's information was that Mottola and Malnik got
together to fu*k him. He said he believed Malnik was
representing the Mob."

He said Jackson had special loathing for Malnik
because he felt betrayed by him. When I told him
that Malnik was saying that Jackson had made him
executor of his estate, he was dubious.

"He had split up with Malnik," said Novel.
"He never said anything about Malnik being executor
of his will. And based on how pissed off Jackson was
at him at the time, I wouldn't believe it on a bet ."
Jackson was very very afraid.

It went on to say: It's clear that whether Malnik had any
ulterior motives in befriending Jackson, the pop star ended
up believing he was an enemy out to get his Beatles songs.
We'll have to wait and see if the world media continues to
eat out of Malnik's hand or if it actually reports the truth
about the relationship and its bitter end.

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