Tuesday, September 20, 2011


How will it all unfold?

Is it going to come down to a Key
Witness Walking in those doors to
prove, "Michael Jackson is not dead."
Could that happen?

If so, who might that key witness be?
Nothing at this point would suprise me.

With the opening statements of the Conrad
Murray Trial less then one week away,it appears
by the motions in the courtoom and the means of
arguments seen unfolding in the courtroom,
surprises are an every day occurance.

You never know just what might happen.

"Well, I'd like to believe that I was
responsible in some measure, but we have
excellent counsel," Pastor said Monday.

Tim Lopez has been reached, your Honor,
counsel spoke with him over the weekend
replied Walgreen to Judge Pastor.

Pharmacist Tim Lopez testified at Dr.
Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing in
January that he shipped more than 15 liters
of the surgical anesthetic propofol to
the apartment of Murray's girlfriend over
the three months before Jackson's death.

The Los Angeles County coroner ruled
that Jackson died on June 25, 2009,
as the result of an overdose
of propofol combined with other drugs.

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren
told the court last week that it is believed
Lopez, the owner of a wholesale pharmacy
in Las Vegas, has moved to Thailand.

Tim Lopez is here and will be available.

A hearing had been set for Monday (Sept 19th)
so Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge
Michael Pastor could decide if prosecutors
could rely on the transcript of his previous
testimony. The resolution of that and several
other issues made for a short hearing.

The defense announced it was dropping from its
witness list a Texas medical examiner who toured
the Los Angeles county coroner's lab.

Prosecutors had objected to his testimony,
calling it irrelevant.

Pastor delayed consideration of the
prosecution's request to exclude the
testimony of Jackson's makeup artist.
The defense wants Karen Faye to repeat
statements given in interviews
about what she described as Jackson's
ill health in the weeks before his death,
as he was rehearsing for his
comeback concerts.

It can only help the defense.

Was MJ planning his greatest Comeback ever
and could we still be on course?


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