Friday, September 16, 2011


There are lots of things to blame
when you can’t sell your home:
bad location, outdated kitchen,
that raccoon infestation… you get the idea,

Maybe even a mad house wife....
you know those Beverly Hills Ones.

But when you’re a mogul,
you get to take the blame
game to new heights — which is
exactly what Ed Hardy
CEO Hubert Guez and his wife
are doing.

Things are starting to get messy.
and this is not just about selling the house.

Linda Welton of Star Maps is starting to talk
and tells MJHOAXLIVE and her chat room

" Things started to get weird after I was lured
into the house by Mrs. Guez to have a look
inside "...

MJHOAXLIVE goes live this weekend at
Carolwood talking with Ms. Welton of Star Maps.

Stay Tuned

1 comment:

  1. the picture, it's taken from inside a car! the reflection of the person inside the car is like Michael, with the aviator glasses and the mask.(top right)
    But shouldn't the cars have tainted window glasses?
    was Michael really there when Tristan yatta was filming Roxanne? was Michael inside one of those cars passing by?