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September 16th, 2011

The painting jumps out
nestled in between the two, deliberate
placement of non other then a self
portrait of Van Gogh's ear Bandaged
Painted in 1889.

Van Gogh is known as the tortured genius
who cut off his own ear as he struggled
with mental illness after the breakdown
of his friendship with a fellow artist


German art historians say the true version
of events never surfaced as the two men
both kept a "pact of silence" –


Gauguin to avoid prosecution and Van Gogh
in a vain attempt to keep a friend with
whom he was hopelessly infatuated.

In Van Gogh's Ear: Paul Gauguin and the
Pact of Silence, Hans Kaufmann and Rita
Wildegans claim it was the sword attack,
not Van Gogh's madness, that led him to
commit suicide two years later.


Van Gogh chose to paint this portrait after
a terrible episode: he sliced ​​the ear of a razor
and has represented some time after the tragedy,
just returned home in the state or he was,
the ear protected by a bandage held in place
by a bandage.

A friendship that was so binding one
would give his life for the other and
protect his word over the others interest.

Paul Gaugin gave him a gift, a painting of
Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers during his time
in the Yellow House there with Vincent Van Gogh.

Throughout the summer and into the early autumn,
Gauguin and van Gogh exchanged letters, sharing
their ideas and descriptions of their current
work. Van Gogh hoped his first guest would be
Paul Gauguin at the Yellow house.

But, as Gauguin delayed his visit, van Gogh’s
anxiety rose. By the end of October, when
Gauguin finally arrived in Arles, van Gogh
was overwrought with anticipation.

In his letters to Theo, van Gogh described
his struggle to incorporate Gauguin's
suggestions into his method. Gauguin was
more blunt, writing to their mutual friend
Bernard that Arles fell short of his
expectations, and that he and van Gogh
did not see eye to eye.

In December, Gauguin painted a portrait of
van Gogh painting a sunflower bouquet,
reflecting his sympathy with van Gogh’s
endeavors, but whenever he raised the topic
of departure, van Gogh would become agitated.

According to Gauguin's account, on the evening
of December 23, 1888, van Gogh confronted him
with a razor,demanding to know if he intended
to leave Arles. Gauguin's confirmation further
upset van Gogh, who turned and fled.

Disturbed by his companion's irrational
behavior, Gauguin spent the night in a hotel.
The following morning when Gauguin returned
to the Yellow House, he was shocked to find
it spattered with blood. Taken into custody
by the police for interrogation, he discovered
that van Gogh had returned home after their
confrontation and mutilated his left ear.
Bleeding profusely, he went to a brothel
and was then taken to a hospital.

Upon release from the authorities, Gauguin
telegraphed Theo, who arrived on the next
morning's train.

Convinced that his brother's condition was
stable, Theo took the night train back to
Paris. Gauguin rode with him, and van Gogh
never saw him again.

That's what history has told us and what
we have come to know. but is there another
side to this story that is now surfacing
bringing out the truth of what really happened
that dark day between two friends and there
secret who forever will hold a pact of Silence.

Dedicated to Tristan

Thank you EatIt for sharing

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