Friday, September 9, 2011


WILLIE L. HAMPTON speaking w/ a Michael Jackson fan

In the first day of Jury selection Murray was brought before a group of 160 potential jurors and introduced by Judge Pastor.

Judge Michael Pastor told prospective jurors that he
had the option to have the panel sequestered throughout,
but he has faith" in the jurors by not doing so.

Instead, the jury will be bused to the court from
a secret undisclosed location each morning, and
escorted away every night. They will not leave in between.
There will be no influence from the outside.
All court records will be sealed.

Outside court, Willie L Hampton a supporter for
Murray carrying a sign reading:

"I support Dr. Conrad Murray, an innocent man
who must be exonerated."

Willie L. Hampton was a friend of Murray's
of three decades, I worked with the man, and
Murray knows i'm here today in support of him.

Willie L Hampton had alot to say.
You ladies asking some real hard questions now
and it wasn't until we said,

What do you think happened to Michael Jackson
inside that house at Carolwood June 25th 2009.
His answer suprised us all.

There we were infront of a man that was
supporting Dr. Conrad Murray, literally
on the courthouse steps where the Trial was
to begin in less then 2 weeks.

Most of the press didn't seem interested in
what the man had to say until they overheard his answer
Yes, That's a thought, Michael could be alive. Yes,
Then we said , Could it be that Michael escaped?

"yes that's a possibility", he said. People are talking about it more and more on the street and in the neighborhoods.

This is Michael Jackson
I'm just here to bring the peace.
So my question to willie was what do you think happened
to MJ inside that house June 25th 2009
8 Sep

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