Saturday, October 17, 2009


Thomas J. Barrack Jr. who is the CEO of Colony Capital,
LLC has some very interesting business acquintances.
If I remember correctly wasn't it Dr. Thome Thome
(real name?) who introduced Michael Jackson to Thomas
Barrack and Barrack was responsible for helping MJ
from loosing Neverland altogether. Things have been
very quiet since Colony's move to Santa Monica.
Wonder what Thome is up to?? Maybe he's buying
more distressed properties with/for Barrack??

Michael Jackson is pictured here leaving his London
hotel to appear at a press conference at the O2 to
confirm his tour dates this summer. who really is
Thome? And what were his intentions w/MJ?? was
he placed inside the MJ camp by Barrack? but then
didn't Jermain introduce Thome to Michael??
(March 5, 2009 - Photo by Photo Agency)

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